Perfectionism is a trait that many people want but few people have. However, when it comes to creating fantastic products, perfectionists are in high demand. That’s why the UK’s most prestigious enterprises are looking for meticulous Test Analysts to make sure their websites and applications are at the very highest standard from launch.

If you’re a successful QA Analyst, your superhuman eye for detail will set you ahead of the pack. You’ll combine your natural diligence with a thorough test plan to inspect thousands of lines of code and hundreds of features for errors. You’ll identify any inconsistencies in the websites you test, from programming bugs and usability flaws to tone of voice and brand messaging, and you’ll work closely with the developers to propose and implement the best solution.

Your creative approach to problem-solving and your ability to communicate your observations with clarity and gravitas means that nothing sub-standard will be released on your watch. That way, you’ll elevate your brand above the competition.

Can you spot the errors that no one else can? Take a look at the best and most exciting Test Analyst roles in the UK with our latest listings below.

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