At Forward Role each of our consultants has their own specialism – a tightly-defined sub-sector of expertise. So if you’re searching for a particular skill-set, or want experience in working with a certain technical discipline, they’ll know just where to look.

We’re always ready to go above and beyond what other recruiters can achieve. But we also focus on getting the basics right – like taking the time to meet every candidate, to make sure their CVs are fact, not fiction. And working so closely with our clients on every new role, so that when you ask us about job responsibilities, we can give you as much detail as their own hiring manager could.

Don’t just take our word for it. Here’s what our clients and candidates have to say about working with Forward Role.

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Our values

At the heart of everything we do are the Forward Role values – our reason for being. These values focus on how Forward Role has a talent for…

1. Being generous

We believe that recruitment is about giving and not just taking. That’s why we make sure we offer our clients and candidates so much more than just CVs and the latest jobs.

As a team we support each other every day, by sharing information and looking out for each other - so it’s in our DNA to be generous with our time and our advice.

That’s why our customers can expect lots of honest, friendly advice and help. From tips on CVs, interview techniques, career paths, candidate experience and talent branding, org design and salary scoping, to the use of our office space for events and interviews.

We see ourselves as an integral part of the marketing and digital ecosystem and the added value we can give to our customers, trade bodies, local schools and universities, is what we hope stands us apart from our competitors.

2. Going the extra mile

We’re leading from the front in our industry with our standards of service and care, going the extra mile for all of our clients and candidates. If you’re a candidate we’ll treat you the way we’d want to be treated, when making such an important life decision, and for our clients you can expect exceptional delivery and communication as a matter of course.

Our outlook is to always deliver on our promises, something our 100+ 5-star ratings and reviews testify to. It’s why the Forward Role brand has come to stand for service excellence and why our customers return to us time and time again.

3. Investing in excellence

We’re constantly investing in our people and new technology to make sure we’re at the cutting edge of recruitment delivery.

We have developed our own tools and in house training programs to optimise our processes and we have invested in the latest marketing, learning and development, sourcing, and database technology, to enable us to deliver where others can’t.

We’re in the people business, so investing in ours always seemed the most logical path to service excellence!

4. Being an expert

Forward Role's success is built upon the experience and expertise of our people. Many of our consultants have a background in the industries that they recruit in and we embed ourselves in our specialist sectors through blogging, events and networking. We’re not just sales people touting CVs, we’re genuine industry experts.

We understand the requirements and demands of different roles, across diverse marketing and digital disciplines, and how best to effectively match talent with the right opportunities.

For our clients it means better conversion rates, higher retention levels and less wasted time. For Forward Role it means long lasting, fruitful relationships.

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