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How to Improve Your Relationship With Your Job

Author: Emma Allison

As part of a series of guest posts, Forward Role asked a Relationship Coach & Author to look at the relationship we have with our Marketing job and write a piece on how we can improve it….

Low moments in our jobs and careers are often associated with the business relationships we encounter on a daily basis - customers, colleagues, managers and the boss. Great business relationships make for a happy work life but business objectives and targets, and associated pressures, can cause stress and low morale.

We’ve all been here at some point:

  • You used to be top dog but now your colleague is performing better and you’re feeling frustrated and embarrassed.
  • You want that promotion but you don’t feel your skills are being recognised by your boss.
  • You seem to have had a week, or three, of rude and argumentative customers.
  • Your self-confidence took a dip and so did your bonus.

So, how do you get back on form, recreate job satisfaction and look forward to each working day? Here are 5 top tips to help you address some common employee issues.

1. Boss and Employee Relationships

How you perceive anything will determine how you feel about it which in turn influences how you react and the results you get.

If you think the boss is being a jerk, remind yourself of all the unseen pressure he/she is under and how much he might have invested in this business! There are many reasons employers can seem rude but they’re often just responding to stress. Don’t take it personally; you’ll feel better if you empathise and sympathise with him than get angry.

2. Customer Relationships and Dealing with Difficult Clients

People mostly do things for themselves, not TO you; calm the situation instead of fanning the flames.

Take a client’s anger personally and you’ll respond defensively and send the conversation, and both your attitudes, on a downward spiral. Customers pick up on your tone of voice, facial expressions and other verbal and non-verbal communication cues, so stay calm and empathic, and use positive words to calm them and the situation. A well handled difficult customer will boost your morale and self-confidence.

3. Improve Your Personal Work Morale

Focus on what you DO have control over and ask yourself good questions, for example: How can I help this client to feel valued and understood?; How can I ensure I hit my targets early each month?; What would convince my boss that I’m the best person for the promotion?

4. Replicate Your Own Career Successes

When you feel your performance dip, firstly, stop mentally bullying yourself with negative self-talk. Secondly, reflect on your best performing days, weeks and months and ask yourself what you did then that created that success. Emulate your previous high performing self so you can recreate the results.

5. Set Your Own Work Goals

Whatever you focus your mind on you will work towards, consciously and subconsciously, so only focus on what you DO want. List the things you want your job to give you in terms of satisfaction, financial rewards, skills development and career progression, and then set manageable stepping stones in place to help you achieve them.

It’s inevitable that sometimes a relationship has just run its course. If you don’t feel valued or things have broken down with your boss to such an extent that you can’t see your future being with your current business, then it may be time to;

6. Call Forward Role

Looking for the next step on the career ladder shouldn’t feel like you are cheating on your current boss or business. Marketing and Digital is recognised as being an area where people change jobs on average every 2-3 years, to cross fertilise skills and ideas and add value to your CV. This isn’t about being promiscuous, it’s about building a skill set that can take you the top of your field, and that’s rarely done nowadays with a ‘partner for life’.

If you’re interested in some career counselling and would like to have a confidential chat with Forward Role about new job opportunities then please visit our website or call us on 0161 914 8499.

Forward Role is a specialist Digital, Marketing, Analytics & Creative Recruiter with offices in Bolton and Manchester.  If you liked this article, then why not enquire about its author who is open to both freelance and permanent opportunities in the Online Content, PR and Social Media Space.


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