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What can Pinterest do for your business?

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What can Pinterest do for your business?

What can Pinterest do for your business?

Before we get started I have a few small confessions to make; I have never had a Facebook account and up until 2 weeks ago I had no idea what Pinterest (or Pin-interest as I was calling it) was, but now this has all changed!

Having recently proposed to my fiancé, I am now welcomed onto my own iPad by a deluge of wedding images on Pinterest: dresses, ‘natural’ cakes, shoes, gifts, stationary (and the occasional cat), so I thought I’d give it a go myself and create my own board and see what all the fuss is about.

From a standing start three years ago it now has over 70 million users and in the UK alone it has doubled within the last 12 months to over 4 million. Pinterest is a highly visual medium, giving businesses a chance to catch the eye of consumers with compelling images and colourful infographics promoting deals and new products. With a little research you can find that it is confirmed as the fastest growing social media network for online content sharing (jumping 19.2%, whilst LinkedIn sharing grew 15.1%. Facebook rose 14.7% whilst sharing on Twitter fell 7.6%). It’s also a proven high-conversion marketing tool for small businesses looking for product and service sales as well as being the number one referral network with 85.2% of total traffic, compared to Facebook with 8.3%.

In my short time using the site, I can see that its success is because of a number of factors:

  1. You can share your board and people ‘follow’ you if you have similar interests
  2. Re-pinning images is practically demanded
  3. It’s a final step towards not having to actually communicate verbally with anyone!

In addition, its continued success is based upon being able to build upon its initial growth around food and fashion to now broadening its horizons into many other areas.

Take party planning for example – over 700,000 pins a day and a number of ‘professional’ pinners – Joy Cho has 13.6 million followers. Then there’s destination sites – check out the Natural History Museum or the Smithsonian National Air and Space Museum

What about Pranks, Taxidermy or Alternative Disney? The facts are clear – Pinterest is here and it is growing at a phenomenal rate and is positioned perfectly to become a major marketing tool.

With all this information in mind it begs the question – “What can Pinterest do for my business?” The answers to this question are many and varied but the inevitable remains – if you’re serious about engaging with your customers on social media and want your products to be shared beyond your existing marketing channels, then Pinterest is something you must consider. If you’re looking to invest more time and resources in order to improve conversion rates, you can use Pinterest to re-purpose visual and written content from your website in addition to creating new content, in formats that include Youtube videos, infographics, and blog articles. At the very least I would suggest you keep an eye on the results that the New Interests page yields for comparable businesses.

I still have no idea if I’m the target audience (take a look – I’ve unhidden my board, however, I’ve just bought my first item found on Pinterest so if it can prove to be of interest to me then surely it has to be part of your businesses  social media strategy.

If your company is in a position where it needs a Social media professional to help with growth in this area or perhaps a broader skill set in digital marketing to help with integrated campaigns, then give Brian Johnson a call at Forward Role recruitment who can consult with you about the best strategy for your business in this area – or 07827 089 666 or