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7 Tips For Getting Your Social Media Right!

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7 Tips For Getting Your Social Media Right!

Social media marketing is a huge focus for companies across the North West and here at Forward Role we have seen a significant uplift in social media requirements. Social media marketing is a great way to connect and engage your prospects and target audience. As a result of its impact with lower budgets and its ability to give measurable results in real time, social media is becoming one of the most popular channels for engagement. Here are our tips gathered from some of the leading North West businesses to make social media an important part of your marketing and online strategy.

1. Social Media Marketing Tip #1: Social Media is not a self-made platform

The first thing that any business needs to understand is that social media is an extended arm or another channel of marketing and not a tool by itself. It would be wrong to treat it as a standalone tool and communicate on it alone.

2. Social Media Marketing Tip #2: Know your audience and the right platform

Having said that social media is another channel it does not mean you should copy the same content from form other channels directly to social media. You should tweak and alter communication for social media knowing the target audience. Different social platforms cater to different kinds of audience and you should find out which platform your audience is active on.

3. Social Media Marketing Tip #3: Understand the platform and map data

Once you know the spread of your audience, understand the intricacies of the platform. The beauty of every social platform is its ability to provide you with a multitude of targeting opportunities. Gathering market data will help segment your audience by either measuring your existing social media presence or mapping data from your competition.

4. Social Media Marketing Tip #4: Define objectives

Arrive at objectives you want to achieve. Understand what outcome you would view as a success for your social media marketing? Communicating on social platforms without objectives will be wasted effort.

5.  Social Media Marketing Tip #5: Plan

You now need a result oriented technique to communicate on social media. Brain storm, check if your ideas align with your overall marketing objective, the image of the business, appeals to the audience and gives you the expected results. Aim for interesting content for your audience. Try to ensure there is an action driven communication where possible. There has to be a clear strategy and plan.

6. Social Media Marketing Tip #6: Execution

Execution is the key for content marketing on social media. The ability to tweak the same message to appeal to your audience by presenting it differently on different social platforms at the same time is a challenge. It is achieved only through correct planning and experience.

7. Social Media Marketing Tip #7: Measure

To understand the impact of your communication, analysis and measuring it is a must. This way, you know if your communication is reaching the right audience, having the right impact on them and driving them to your expected results.

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