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It's Good To Share, Isn't It?

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It's Good To Share, Isn't It?

So, much of what we hear around the changing face of professional services marketing is about the rise of the digital channel and the social media world. What sits behind all these methods is Content Marketing.

Professional Service marketers are well aware that traditional marketing is becoming less effective, however, only 44% of B2B marketers are said to have a clear content marketing strategy.

What exactly is content marketing?

It’s a technique of creating and distributing valuable and relevant content to attract a clearly defined audience – with the objective of driving profitable customer action.

The aim of the above is to attract and retain customers by consistently delivering content with the intention of changing or enhancing customer behaviour.

This is all very insightful, however, what is the impact of this within the changing professional services sector? With all the recent changes in regulation across the industry marketers are rapidly realigning their strategies to take advantage of, or react to the new operational platform.

Top Tips on writing engaging Content

1) Know your customer – What is relevant to them.

2) Less is more – Too much information and the message will get lost. If it doesn’t matter then don’t write it.

3) Avoid using too much jargon – Humanise your content. Make it readable and engaging.

4) Confidence – Deliver your message with confidence. If you are not forthright with your content then customers will not invest their time to read it.

5) Personal relevance – Make your audience feel that every word has been written for them.

Too many firms fall into the trap of not investing and committing to an annual marketing plan and then ‘bang out’ content to gain a perceived quick win. It is not a platform to share individual opinions, although in the situation where your customer base would expect you to comment then a response is extremely valid. However, it needs to be built into and supported by your wider communication strategy.

Intellectutal Property

What differentiates one firm from another?

All the fee earners are qualified and operate in the same market sectors, it’s the individuals and their intellectual property and experience that make them stand out. This is what firms will use as their key selling points to new customers, however there is a very fine line between what to share and how much to share.

Whilst firms want to be at the forefront of current debates, sharing their views and being seen as thought leaders within the marketplace, do they really want to be giving away all their trade secrets?

And, here lies the dilemma, is it always good to share?

Successful professional Services marketers will manage to strike the balance between sharing enough content to remain credible and ‘valuable’ to their customers whilst retaining a level of professional discretion.

Buying professional services is not something customers will do lightly. People will research a range of providers before choosing their preferred option. As such, if you can consistently deliver valuable information to your customers then their belief and trust in your services will be greater than your competitors.

If you are looking for your next move or simply want to have a chat about your career then give me a call. Similarly, if you are a client looking to add strength to your current team please get in touch on either 07467 952991 or, it will be great to speak to you.