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David Brent's Interview Advice

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David Brent's Interview Advice

Need some advice for your next interview? Look no further……here are my Top 6 Interview Tips!

1) The handshake – I like to mix things up here, keep the interviewer on their toes. Throw a curveball at them. If the interviewer is male then give them a ‘street handshake’ and maybe a gentle shoulder bump. If the interviewer is female then maybe kiss her hand or a gentle kiss on each cheek. Helps the interviewer to feel relaxed about meeting you. I don’t want them to be nervous about interviewing me.

2) Your posture and the way you sit will quickly determine how the interview will go. Leaning forward and sitting up straight will show over enthusiasm and the interviewer might think you are desperate. I personally like to kick back here. Lean back, cross your legs, show off your coloured socks and stroke your facial hair (if you have any) …..This is a great way to let the interviewer know that you are relaxed in a pressure situation.

3) How you sell yourself is the key to any successful interview is . It’s about bigging yourself up at every opportunity. I’ve never personally had a problem with this as it comes naturally but make sure you can convince the interviewer that you are better than you actually are.

4) Humour – no-one wants to work with someone who has no sense of humour. Throw in a few ‘one-liners’ or even tell them a joke. Maybe even tell them that they look like someone famous. This is a great way to start building a relationship. Everyone wants someone in the office who can make the team laugh.

5) Quotes – make sure you can throw a couple of these into the interview. A personal favourite of mine is when they ask “what salary would you be looking for?” A great response is to quote or even sing, “Money don’t make my world go round” as the famous philosopher Des’ree once said. If you get asked the questions about frustrating situations at work, another great quote to use is ‘Accept that some days you are the pigeon and some days you are the statue’

6) Going blank - If for some reason you go completely blank and can’t respond to a certain question. Just reply with a question of your own. Tell them you don’t see the value of that particular question and give them an answer to the question you want to answer. It’s a great way of showing you can think on your feet.


There is definitely an art to interviewing and it’s about putting your own stamp on the interview. You need to find your own unique style and avoid being ‘run of the mill’ and having the same robotic answers to questions. Put your own personality into your responses and try to make yourself memorable but probably not in the way David Brent suggests. One thing you can say for sure, David Brent would make an impact in an interview, he would be remembered….but for all the wrong reasons.

If you need some career coaching or just some general interview advice on how to be remembered for the right reasons then check out our website or give one of our experienced consultants a call to chat through how you can leave a lasting impression in your next interview………but in a good way!