UX vs UI – The Mystery Revealed…

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UX vs UI – The Mystery Revealed…

We laid down the gauntlet and challenged the digital world to submit their best analogy or meme to explain the difference between UX and UI – a question which continues to trouble the digital world.

We got some great entries, making the task of choosing a winner a tough one, so we drafted in David Ingram, MD of leading North West Digital Agency, Bring Digital, to make the final selection. David commented: ‘The entries were really creative, ranging from witty to ingenious with everything in between, but this one really stood out for me as it is an analogy most of us can identify with.’

The winner:

‘UI is the precision and beauty of a BMW - the attention to detail is clinical, everything is designed to be useful, and the car works perfectly. UX is the reason you'd rather drive a Mustang.’ Tom Gerbicz

Honourable mentions:

Danny Williams who got his adorable son Liam to guest star in a series of images to explain:

Chris Bartram who came up with the really simple but effective:

"UI is a house, UX is a home."

The winning entry was submitted by Tom Gerbicz, who is Content Marketing Manager at Bury based Gnatta.com.  Tom came along to our office to receive his prize of an Apple Watch and is pictured receiving it from Forward Role MD Steve Thompson. Congratulations Tom, we’re just sorry we couldn’t buy you a Mustang as a well done instead…