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Adapting to Life as a Working Parent ...

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Adapting to Life as a Working Parent ...

My lovely wife gave birth to our first child (Cooper) in January and as a result I’m tired, really tired. So tired that it took me about 5 minutes to write this sentence. A little unfortunate quirk of my tiredness has been a total degeneration of my ability to use grammar.

So when thinking about a subject to write a blog on this month I thought I’d probably be best focussing on something that’s not too technically taxing.

So here is my baby blog!  - Words I definitely thought I’d never write.

Here are some of the highlights and lowlights so far of life adapting to being a parent and being expected to function in a busy job!


  • Being able to legitimately shout “Who’s your daddy” at someone is awesome! My colleagues at Forward Role are also glad I no longer feel the need to do this to them.
  • My new career / life goal is to be home in time for bath time! If I don’t see that little face smiling at me whilst he splashes about, pees and poops in the bath then my day is no longer complete. Late evening candidate calls have now become early morning calls.
  • Knowing that however bad your day has been, no matter how ineffective you feel you’ve been, there’s always someone at home who thinks you’re pretty cool, makes everything seem less stressful.


  • Wind. Why did no-one warn me about this? Take away trumps, burps, hiccups and trapped wind and looking after a baby is plain sailing. I feel like my last 3 months have revolved around patting, tipping, rubbing, jiggling, heimliching wind out of the poor little fella. It seems to be the sole reason for a lack of sleep and grumpiness. Damn you wind.
  • Breathing. I think I read something before becoming a parent that a baby’s breaths don’t have a regular pattern. That would be an understatement! What no-one warns you about is that your baby sounds like someone who’s just ingested a large quantity of deadly poison and is slowly taking their last wretched breaths. How are you supposed to sleep with that going on??!!
  • Friends and colleagues without babies are now completely sick of hearing stories about your child’s first milestones. They don’t care about his first smile, coos or first two second belch. Nor do they care for this blog. And that was me three months ago.

To finish, I'd like to say a huge apology to any parental colleagues over the years who I secretly thought were a bit dopey, when they were in fact just perpetually tired. 

This 'new job' makes my regular job seem like child's play! And combining the two feels like it needs a dedicated project manager. So huge respect to all those out there who combine a busy day job with being a parent. You rock!

Steve Thompson is the Managing Director of Forward Role, where he looks after Executive Appointments in Marketing (and sometimes baby Cooper if his Mum needs a rest).