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Top five reasons to employ an interim Marketing or Digital employee

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Top five reasons to employ an interim Marketing or Digital employee

For years now the interim market has been steadily growing along with demand for contract and freelance resource. Interims come in many forms – there are those on fixed term contracts vs. those on hourly or daily rates; both employed and self-employed.

In the wake of Brexit business uncertainty may see many more businesses rely on a flexible workforce. Uncertainty aside, even the most stable of businesses will go through periods when taking on a flexible resource is more favourable than a full-time employee

Why interim?

These reasons for needing an interim are varied and can include; maternity and paternity cover, sick cover, seasonal and project work, ‘try before you buy’ roles, gaps in the team due to unforeseen circumstances or in instances where the skillset simply is not available either internally or from the pool of available perm marketers

Hiring temporary staff can often be daunting, particularly if your business is new to the concept. However, the benefits of looking beyond conventional team structures can far outweigh any concerns. Many of our clients who add interims into their marketing teams are thrilled with the flexibility it brings.

Top Five Benefits

After flexibility the top five benefits to our clients of hiring an experienced interim include them  being able to;

  • Hit the ground running
  • Showcase a variety of skills and market expertise
  • Bring more experience than their perm counterparts
  • Boost performance
  • Cut through office politics because they have no internal agenda.

So how do you tap into the interim market?

Once you have identified a temp need within the business, we recommend partnering with an interim specialist. As many interim projects have imminent start dates you need to move swiftly to secure the best talent.

In 2016 Forward Role established our specialism in the temporary recruitment market – bringing in an established industry expert to help cater for the growing interim market.

Our consultants work tirelessly to make sure we are networking throughout the available talent pool and are always in touch with the top candidates across all levels and skill sets. As temporary projects can often move very quickly, this ensures that we are tapped into the market and can turn around processes as quickly as a few hours and in certain circumstances in just one phone call.

Forward Role's success is built upon the experience and expertise of our people. Giving us expert market knowledge and the ability to work at pace which is key when recruiting temporary staff.

The practicalities

Clients can consider working with temporary candidates in several ways:

  • Fixed term contracts - Paid a pro-rated annual salary for a certain time period with a set end date e.g. maternity cover.
  • Hourly rates - Paid hourly on a weekly basis which can offer flexibility around cost. Often referred to as “try before you buy recruitment”
  • Daily Rate - Paid by the day and only once the work has been done. Very useful for urgent last minute projects.

In addition to offering these options, we can also payroll the candidates for you. We simply ask the candidates to submit a timesheet, ask you to sign it off and we will pay the candidate and invoice you monthly. This makes sure you only pay for the work that has been done.

What have you got to lose?

If interim support sounds like it could be a good fit for your Marketing or Digital team, we would be delighted to answer any questions you have and are well positioned to recommend any suitable candidates from our talent pool. Contact us on 0161 914 8499.