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Launching the Forward Role Salary Survey

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Launching the Forward Role Salary Survey

Here at Forward Role one of the most common calls we get from HR professionals, Internal Recruiters and Line Managers is a request for some market information on role salaries.

Likewise, candidates are often intrigued to hear our thoughts on what their market rate is when they register with us.

As a result, we’ve been working hard for the last 18 months to develop a tool to answer all our customer’s salary questions and we’re delighted to launch our long-awaited Salary Survey tool.

We’re very proud to have created the North West’s first truly dynamic salary tool for marketers to benchmark their pay and companies to scope out roles.

The Salary Survey has been built to be easy to use, intuitive for both marketers and HR professionals, and all results are based on real time results; every real-life entry makes a difference to the results of your peers.

Our plans for the Survey are to use this data to keep our network informed with the latest salaries across all Marketing, Digital, Design and Analytics roles across the North West. Watch this space for our first report due to be published later this year.

Steve Thompson, Managing Director at Forward Role, says “the relentless growth in demand for certain skills in the North West, fuelled by a burgeoning digital economy has caused some salaries to rise at an unprecedented rate. For our clients, the fight for talent is crucial to the success of their business and knowing what market rate is for business-critical roles is an important part of their attraction strategy. For our candidates, knowing they are paid fairly and mapping out their future career path and salary is extremely important and empowering. We’ve created this tool for them and I’m extremely excited to see the insights it will allow us to share with all our customers.

Give it a go!

Please check out our Salary Survey here to see where your salary sits in the North West! We’ll show you where your salary sits amongst your peers and what you should be earning in the next 5 years.

If you have any queries or feedback about your results, please contact Jennifer O’Shea, Head of PR and Marketing on and we will try and provide you with any context you may require.

What does the future hold?

We aren’t done yet, and already have a raft of extra features in the making for Salary Survey 2.0. If you have any suggestions for functions or job types you would like to see, Jennifer would be thrilled to hear from you! Contact Jennifer on

Watch this space!

So how does it work? (For the nerds and analysts out there…!)

The data used at launch of this survey is taken from a random sample of candidates who registered with Forward Role in 2016. The survey is dynamic and self-updating so the data set will be continually refreshed as new data is added by respondents.

Our aim is to provide insight that helps candidates and clients gauge a 'typical' level for their role and chart a remuneration pathway as they become more experienced.

To be as accurate as possible in this endeavour we have not simply created an average by job titles. We've created an average by giving a mean figure for each job title and the number of years’ experience that someone has.

By way of an example, if 3 people have worked as a marketing executive for 3 years and their salaries are £24k, £25k and £26k the salary results will show a lowest salary figure for Marketing Executives of £24k, an average salary figure of £25k and a highest salary figure of £26k.

In addition, the salary will also show you what a Marketing Executive with 4, 6 and 8 years’ experience will earn on average so you can see what someone in your job will typically earn in 1, 3 or 5 years’ time.

Sometimes this won't always be the same job title. For example, we've calculated that on average Marketing Managers are promoted to Marketing Managers by year 7. So the year 8 figure will be a Marketing Manager with 8 years Marketing experience in total.

The variables of job title, and years of experience is the only data currently informing results. As we have a more comprehensive data set, we will add in location variables too.

Optional data that we are collecting such as package details and gender will be used solely for the purpose of creating an annual salary survey report that we will share with candidates and clients.