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Will the tech giants ruin recruitment?

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Will the tech giants ruin recruitment?

Technology innovation is changing the recruitment landscape, with big players like Google and Facebook already utilising their own algorithms and Machine Learning (ML) to venture into the industry. But what does this mean for recruiters? Can we adapt to the rapidly developing market, or will we get left behind?

Let’s first look at how two of the largest tech giants are expanding into the recruitment space…

Google Jobs

Google Jobs has already launched in the US and will be rolling out across Europe soon. It uses ML to mine huge amounts of data from Google’s partnered sites (Monster, LinkedIn to name a couple) in order to generate personalised job searches. Using Search Engine Intelligence, they can not only filter based on job search criteria but also the user's location, preferences and recorded behaviours!

Facebook Jobs

Recently, Facebook has taken on LinkedIn; by giving Company Pages a new feature to post job ads, review applications and talk to candidates – all within its app. With over 1.87 billion active users and Facebook’s smart algorithm, there’s huge potential for this new venture, as job postings will ‘magically’ appear on the newsfeeds of the people who are most likely to engage with them.

Both Google Jobs and Facebook Jobs aim is to make job hunting much easier and quicker for candidates, so how can we prepare for this latest technology revolution?

Firstly, it doesn’t have to be man vs machine! If we are willing to develop our skills by embracing new technologies and using them to our advantages, there is no reason why we can’t benefit from this industry shift.

Get tech smart

If you haven’t already, the first thing to do is enhance your company website, allowing the Googlebot to crawl your web pages, so that all of your job postings will appear on Google Jobs. Making sure that the search engine can identify all of the information it needs, will increase the chances of your roles showing up and allow potential candidates to find them! You could also look into introducing ML to your own databases and enhance your own search function to provide a more personal and tailored experience for your candidates.

The finer details

There’s no denying that algorithms are impressive. Presenting a relevant job advert to a candidate who’s shown an interest in that company by following them on Facebook, at a time when they are most engaged online, will no doubt have results. But what about the culture at that organisation? As recruiters it’s important we don’t forget there’s only so much a candidate can learn from a job ad. Picking up the phone and discussing in detail the dynamic of the office, size of the team, values of the CEO and how they align with potential candidates are all crucial in finding the perfect fit.

A personalised service

Whether it’s running through interview questions with a candidate or guiding a client through the best strategy for building a new team. Offering advice is the best way to provide added value, that goes above and beyond the latest technology.

The new recruitment features from Google and Facebook focus on the amount of time and effort they can save people when looking for job or applications... but don’t underestimate the importance of a bespoke and trusted service!

At Forward Role we can offer the personal experience of a more in-depth consultancy by getting to know both the candidate and client, beyond the data written on a CV or brief. We have the ability to negotiate and offer advice and ultimately build a deeper loyalty that even the most complex algorithms can’t compete with!