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Ten top tips for starting a new job

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Ten top tips for starting a new job

Starting a new job is scary. No matter what the role, or the organisation, it’s nerve-racking to start again in a new company.

At Forward Role, we pride ourselves on our exceptional service and values, but what is it actually like to work here? We asked our two newest Forward Rollers about their journeys and ten top tips for starting a new job.

Why did you want to work for Forward Role?

Vicky Walker, Technical Recruitment Consultant

Having come back from travelling in Asia, I was on the lookout to find the ‘right’ recruitment position for me. I wanted to work somewhere that had a sociable culture and environment, a role that would provide progression and somewhere that would like me as an individual. As soon as I walked into Forward Role’s office I knew it was the right place for me. The cool office space drew me in straight away but what I liked most was the fact that everyone was just so nice! Forward Role has such a family feel about it. I knew as soon as I started that I would have a great work life as well as meet some solid friends here.

Aimee Buchan, Digital Marketing & Ecommerce Recruitment Consultant

I was looking for a bit of a change outside of the fashion industry, yet still wanted something quite fast pace. I really enjoy meeting new people and knew I would get the chance to do this here, as well as learn new things about the marketing industry and develop my skills. I also love that we have a cool office space in the buzz of the city center and there is a fab vibe here.

What was your first week like?


My first week at Forward Role was great fun! I was given a project to meet everyone in the company by the end of the week. This proved more difficult than you would think, fitting around candidate and client meetings and taking calls. But I did it and felt incredibly welcomed by every single person and have to admit that it was a pretty relaxed week full of lots of laughs and interesting chats.


My first week went really well, I definitely felt at ease as everyone was really welcoming, helping me settle in. Brian (one of our Directors) set myself and Vicky an induction task which was really useful as it let us get to know everyone’s name, a bit about them and what they do at Forward Role. This really helped me to familarise myself with the different teams within the business.

Looking back on your first week, what are your ten top tips for someone starting a new job?

  1. Learning everyone’s names can be hard, but jotting down a plan of who sits where can really help.
  2. On your first day arrive early, but not too early.
  3. Be chatty from the start and make time to get to know your new colleagues.
  4. If you’re unsure about something just ask. Your team will understand that you will have a lot to learn in your first couple of weeks.
  5. You could make a great first impression by bringing in treats for the office or sending out an email to introduce yourself.
  6. Be fresh for your first day by getting to bed early the night before.
  7. Try not to worry and accept the fact that you’re not going to know everything on day one.
  8. Be prepared for your first day by taking in a pen and a notepad. You will probably be given another one but it’s good to have your own just in case.
  9. Check in with your line manager to make sure they are happy with how you are getting on and your understanding of the role.
  10. Most importantly be yourself!

Now that you’ve been here for a few weeks, what’s your favourite thing about working for Forward Role?


Hands down my team! The tech team are all characters and every day I know for a fact I will go home smiling because we are always laughing and joking about something!


I work in a great team who are supportive and help push me to my true potential. As well as the support of my team, I also really enjoy the sector I am recruiting for and learning lots about digital marketing. Overall the best thing about Forward Role is the culture. Everyone in the company is great and there is a real mix of characters which makes it even better.

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