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In the Spotlight… Paddy Wells

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In the Spotlight… Paddy Wells

Here at Forward Role we pride ourselves on what makes us different from other recruitment agencies - our people. Across our teams we have a wide mix of personalities and talents, but what is it that makes a Forward Roller special?

One by one we’re going under the spotlight to share with you details about our roles, the challenges we face in our various markets and what each of us individually love about what we do.


So who is in the spotlight this week?

Meet Paddy Wells.

The lovely Paddy recruits for marketing and communication roles on a contract and interim basis. Paddy has worked at Forward Role since 2016 and is a valued member of the team.

Here is what he had to say:


What is your biggest professional achievement to date?

“I think as a business it is winning Agency of the Year 2018 at the Marketing and Digital Recruitment Awards because that is not an easy reward.

Personally – it’s been getting the temp desk to where it is now. It has been a challenge but it is so rewarding to see the results of all of the hard work.”


What is your biggest professional challenge?

“Motivation. Being the only person in my team, I have to keep myself engaged.”


What do you do to keep motivated?

“I like talking to different teams about what I do day to day and I sit on a desk with really good people who keep work interesting and fresh.”


What is your favourite thing about working for Forward Role?

“The people. Everyone’s great and the company is very flexible. As a business it’s not very corporate, which I really like and you are definitely more of a person here than a number.

Everything at Forward Role is about the individual, for example we set our own targets and work methods. This way we know exactly what we need to do to get our next pay-rise or promotion and we’re given the freedom to achieve this in our own way.”


What does a typical day look like for you?

“Usually I come in and review my Day Plan, which I tend to write the night before. Anything urgent is dealt with straight away, then I go through my emails and applications. Next I’ll look through CVs, follow up with my processes in the afternoon and speak to the clients and candidates I’m currently working with.

Despite setting a Day Plan each day, I rarely stick to it. The temp market is so fast paced which means my priorities change constantly. As much as I try to keep things as controlled as possible, every day is different!”


What three words would you use to describe your role?

“Fast paced




What do you like most about your job?

“The people and the flexibility - no two days are ever the same.”


What advice would you give to someone who is going to start working at Forward Role?

“Get to know everybody. There are lots of really skilled people here who you can learn a lot from.”


Paddy Wells is Contract Recruitment Lead at Forward Role specialising in marketing and communication roles. He can be found tweeting @forwardrole_pw and on LinkedIn.