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Are New Year’s Resolutions Just A Fad?

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Are New Year’s Resolutions Just A Fad?


New Year’s Resolutions – just a fad? Here’s my take on it….


Most people think that making a new year’s resolution is about making one radical change that will immediately enhance their lives... but surely there is a better way to make a positive change than making a singular pledge to yourself which you may or may not stick to.


Rather than going big, why don’t you consider a number of smaller changes instead? Each of them will be easier to uphold and hopefully they will contribute towards a greater outcome. I recently did some management training as part of my personal development at Forward Role, which was about the 4 key areas of every person’s life – mindset, body, work and relationships. The philosophy is that if you devote equal time to these things, you will lead a healthy, balanced, productive lifestyle.


So here’s my thing. I want to become more productive with my time – experience more things, meet more people, build more into a day, achieve more. I’m getting married this year so many of my weekends in the run up to April will be spent scrolling through Pinterest for inspiration, consulting “the spreadsheet” and figuring out what we have and haven’t paid for, organising presents, booze, band, flowers etc. etc. etc. so finding more hours in the day will be important.


Being more productive is not only about managing your time and being organised, it’s also about how you feel and your frame of mind. I’ve realised that I don’t sleep well when I can’t switch off properly at bedtime, which causes me to be sluggish the following day. Therefore to make sure I feel like I want to get on with my jobs, my smaller changes are:


·         Being more regimented with my sleep and routinely go to bed at the same time during the week

·         Make the most of pre-8am throughout the week – make time for a better breakfast, plan my day, listen to a podcast on my way to work

·         Reduce my screen time at home - television, phone/tablet, work emails

·         1 or 2 weekends of non-drinking per month (depending of what we have planned)


Making positive changes is more long term than just “trialling” something for January. These are my small changes which I think will have a positive effect on my productivity.


What’s your take on it?


Guy Walker is a Senior Manager and Marketing Recruitment Lead at Forward Role , you can contact him on 07467 943 027 / and you can also find him tweeting as @ForwardRole_Guy