Chelsea Hingley- Why I Swapped Sydney For Manchester

Author: Chelsea Hingley

When I was approaching 25...I was faced with a decision. A really fortunate decision but a decision none the less. Should I buy my own house or should I go and see the world. Of course, the wild free spirit in me decided to pack a little backpack and jump on a plane to South East Asia, where I would explore South Thailand, Cambodia and Bali before commencing a 12 month working holiday visa in Australia. Fast forward 4 years (and 4 months of hell, living and working on an avocado farm) and I am back in old blighty. Why you may ask? Why on earth would you leave Sydney, Australia to come back to Manchester? Well, the answer is simple, because it’s my home.

Now don’t get me wrong, it isn’t a decision that I took lightly and yes the tears were real when I said goodbye to my friends (who became my family) and my amazing work colleagues. After all I was living the dream. I had an amazing job working for a boutique recruitment agency on Circular Quay (you could see the Harbour Bridge and Opera House from our boardroom window) the company I worked for couldn’t have supported their staff more, from regular incentives, to workshops, to courses and social events (Kylie, I love ya!) My social life was thriving, I made the most special friends out in Sydney who I still speak to everyday and I was living in Bondi- life was great. But there was something missing.

There are very few places in the world where you can walk down the street and people will genuinely smile at you, or start a friendly conversation whilst you are waiting for the train or a coffee. Where there is so much culture, history and always something new to explore (and the music scene is just incredible) But I genuinely believe that Manchester is one of them places.

I get to see my family every day and my group of friends has grown, as now some of them have babies and their own families! It’s a really exciting time in my life and I am truly happy to be back in the North West of England, of course I will always be eternally grateful for the opportunities Sydney & Australia presented me with.

I have been back around 6 weeks now and I have found the transition smooth and exciting. I have found a recruitment agency here in Manchester that has the same values & are as supportive as my last agency in Sydney which made the move back really easy and more importantly enjoyable.

I am now recruiting full time in Manchester within the eCom, Product, Merchandising and Trading Space alongside a wonderful bunch of consultants. I will be recruiting roles of all levels and have a handful of live roles that I am currently working on including eCommerce Manager, eCommerce Trading manager, Digital Development Coordinator and Product Owner.

If you are interested in any of the above roles or are looking for your next opportunity, or likewise are looking to secure the next superstar within your team please feel free to contact me on 07732 689 602 chelsea@forwardrole.com. You can also add me on LinkedIn!

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