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Secret Planter - 5 reasons why your office should get involved!

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Secret Planter - 5 reasons why your office should get involved!

This November get your office involved in SECRET PLANTER! Here at Forward Role HQ the office is adorned with lovely green plants in all shapes and sizes and we LOVE it! So just before the festive season gets into full swing, here’s how you can take part in Secret Planter:

  1. Ask around the office who wants to be involved 

  1. Set a price limit 

  1. Draw names out of a hat 

  1. Buy a beautiful desk plant for your chosen colleague 

  1. Pop it on their desk when they aren’t looking! 

Pretty simple right? Like Secret Santa but without the novelty gifts. 

But it’s so much more than that! Here are 5 reasons why you should get involved and how it will benefit your office: 

Reduces Stress 

It has been proven that spending time outdoors is important for our mental health, all that fresh air and change of scenery makes us feel more positive. You should always try to get out for a lunchtime stroll to get some headspace, but by having a calming green plant on your desk it allows you to reconnect with nature and bring the great outdoors inside! 

Nicer Environment 

Aesthetically, plants look great in the office! They add a splash of colour and are visually stimulating with diverse shapes and sizes. Plants can be used to add points of interest to an office, such as a welcoming natural feature in reception or a colourful centre piece in the kitchen. They can also be used to divide up the space and give the office space more depth and warmth...they even absorb excess noise, so you can create quieter, calmer areas. 

Prevent Sickness 

Indoor air can become stale and polluted, carrying around bugs and viruses. Plants help to remove toxins from the air making it much cleaner while releasing oxygen. More oxygen makes your brain and body function better, meaning you will feel less fatigued and more focused. The cleaner air will also reduce employee sickness levels. 

Increases Productivity 

Incorporating plants into workplace design can also have a positive effect on perceived productivity. According to a study by the University of Exeter, employee's productivity improved by 15% when their workplace was filled with a handful of indoor plants. Adding just one plant per square metre improved memory retention and helped employees score higher on other basic tests.  

Giving is Good! 

Giving makes us feel happy and is great for our mental health! Giving promotes social connection and spreads positive vibes in the office, getting people talking and trying to find the perfect plant to suit their chosen colleague. Plants can be accompanied by quirky pots, poems, and notes for that personal touch too. It’s World Kindness Day this week, and what a great way to celebrate by surprising your colleagues with a lovely plant. 


With all these amazing benefits...what are you waiting for?! Get involved in Secret Planter before you even think about Secret Santa! We want to see photos too so tag @ForwardRole and #SecretPlanter in your posts!