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The best and worst Christmas adverts of 2019

Author: Jess Hill
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It’s only 34 days until Christmas (not like we're counting) and the festive season is finally upon us!

We’ve hit that time of year again where our screens are graced with an array of Christmas adverts to get us in the spirit. This year has seen a real range, from grime rapping toys, through to actual Mariah Carey and the most adorable fire breathing dragon you've ever seen.

Here are my best and worst Christmas adverts of 2019...

This was the first to hit my TV screen, and you can’t not get into the Christmas spirit with a bit of Mariah Carey. I mean, I didn’t love the advert, but I did fancy myself a bag of Walkers and that song always gets me feeling ready for Christmas. I give it a 2 out of 5!

Dog’s Trust present us this year with their ‘A dog is for life, not just for Christmas’ ad campaign and it’s safe to say this one had the eyes watering. The emotional campaign hits home the message that dogs are a lifelong commitment, and shouldn’t be bought impulsively to give away at Christmas time. Last year they had nearly 5,000 calls following the festive period of people wanting to return their pups. Bravo Dog's Trust for your raw message – 5/5!!

KFC have come through this year with their 'Turkey Horror Story' animated campaign series. I'm sure every family has had a Turkey disaster at Christmas so it's very relatable. These short and snappy ads are a prime example of simple but effective advertising. I’m giving it a 4 out of 5.

Now, this year we see the exciting partnering of John Lewis and Waitrose to deliver us a strong contender with the loveable, #Excitable Edgar. A tear jerker for some in the Forward Role office, this has certainly stolen the hearts of many.

Campaign Live states that in the first 24 hours of the ad's release, it had already racked up over 17.3 million views across social media, trumping last years "The boy and piano". However, the real winner here though has to be Aldi's quick-fire response on Twitter, reactive marketing at its finest. This one also gets 4 out of 5 from me.

Photo credit: @AldiUK

Speaking of Aldi, Kevin The Carrot is back yet again. McCann have delivered us another storyline for good ol’ Kevin this year, this time with a Robbie Williams bang. Even better, if you fancy your very own Kevin, Aldi are selling a whole range this year dedicated to the festive carrot icon. Good contender - 4 out of 5! give us an animated tale of a town coming together to give a lonely man an unforgettable Christmas and it definitely leaves you with that warm feeling *Disclaimer – you might shed a tear*.

This heartfelt campaign created by St Lukes has been voted the most emotionally engaging Christmas TV ad by Unruly, and I can see why. It has even swooped in and overtaken John Lewis in terms of overall engagement so another well-deserved 5/5 from me!

M&S came to get down with the 1992 House of Pain hit and I (as I'm sure most were) was expecting to see an ad filled with mouth-watering feasts, but in this year's campaign directed by Jake Nava they want you to go 'Jumpers for Christmas' showcasing that they aren't just all food. It’s definitely a bop and alongside the advert, M&S have also released their first Spotify playlist 'Go Jumpers'. Not my favourite advert this year but I like where they went with this one – 3 out of 5.

And finally… I'm living for Ikea's #WonderfulEveryday Christmas Ad campaign, giving us a bit of festive grime with the legendary D Double E and breaking away from your more traditional Christmas ad campaigns. I really like how much this one stood out from all of the others this year so I’m giving it 4/5.

When it comes to Christmas adverts it’s hard to pick favourites, but there are a few that have stolen my heart this year and it seems to be the ones with the more emotive story line. If you’re not quite feeling Christmassy yet I would recommend grabbing a warm brew and mince pie, and sitting down to watch all the Christmas ads in succession.

Then let us know what you think, which is your favourite ad this year? You can tweet me @JessForwardRole or find me on LinkedIn.

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