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Remote Recruitment Success Stories - An interview with a Social Media Strategist that started her new job remotely.

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Remote Recruitment Success Stories - An interview with a Social Media Strategist that started her new job remotely.

In our blog series - Remote Recruitment Success Stories, we are talking to a variety of people working in marketing, digital and tech, that have experienced both sides of remote hiring and show that it is still possible in this current climate! 


In this 4th blog, Faye Dixon (our very own Carrie Bradshaw!) interviewed a Social Media and Outreach Strategist that recently started her new job remotely. 




As you were about to start a new role, within a new company, what were your first initial thoughts when the working from home announcement had been made? 


Initially, I was pretty nervous when all the Coronavirus announcements were being made that my new company wouldn't want to still take me on or possibly push back my start date which would have left me in a vulnerable position with my former employer and financially. So when I reached out to them and they were still keen for me to start, I was really relieved.  




 As a new employee, how did the business adapt to on boarding you remotely and how has this been different to other processes? 


I'm just at the end of my first week now and can honestly say they've made a huge effort to make me feel welcome and part of the team. I've had video calls with most of the people who I'll be working closely with and they've all put time aside to go through things with me and explain as much as possible. This is the first new role I've had in a while, so it's definitely been different starting a new job while sitting in my own house!  





It has been your first week in your new job, what have you found challenging and how have you and the company overcome these challenges? 


The main things I've found challenging are not being able to ask questions quickly with my new colleagues. Simple things like where files are saved or how something is normally done all have to be over a call or an instant message which can often take longer to work out or explain. They've all done their best though and made me feel as though no question is stupid! It just does make picking up processes a little slower, but I've tried my best to work out as much as I can myself too which has thrown me in the deep end more than usual!  





What have been the benefits to working from home and on boarding remotely in your new job? 


Working from home definitely does have some benefits, I've had a lot more time to focus on things I don't usually such as fitness and skincare which I've really enjoyed. It's also so nice spending all day with my dog, probably the number 1 perk of working from home! But I'm on week 3 now of working from home and never thought I'd say this, but I can't wait to get back to work properly!