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3 key benefits happiness at work will boost your career

Author: Sam Shinners
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With the chaos that of 2020, and the rollercoaster that we’ve all been on during the pandemic, it’s important to ensure that your work life is having a positive impact on your happiness. 

Happiness at work not only refers to your wellness and mental  also describes a sense of well-being that comes when we feel good about the work we do, when we feel involved in the professional commitment’.  

Here are 3 key benefits of happiness at work that will help your career 

Happiness Increases Success 

Employees who are happy at work are more likely to have increased productivity levels, the motivation to work hard for their company and the drive to succeed. When you enjoy your job, you are more likely to be invested in your organisation and really care about contributing to thier success, and therefore you work harder and become great at your job and achieve your own success.  

But remember, your happiness is not dependant on the success you achieve, do not rely on success alone to make you happy.


Happiness is healthy 

There has been many scientific studies about the correlation between happiness and healthIf you are happy at work you will be less prone to work related stress and anxiety, you will be more resilient against knock-backs and you will be more focussed and motivated.  

Studies also suggest that happy people are more likely to lead a healthier lifestyle; such as eating more fruit & veg, being more physically active and having a better immune system. 


Happiness boosts creativity 

When you are happy in work it allows you to have much more mental freedom to be creative. When you aren’t worrying about work stresses and you are connected with your positive emotions, you have more opportunity to think outside of the box and let your mind be open to innovative ideas. 


But let’s be realistic, even a person who is extremely happy at work, will have bad days, life is unpredictable and so are we! 

We all face challenges throughout our lives which contribute negatively to our mental health and have an impact on our happiness, but if you can find a job that you enjoy, where you can thrive and get a sense of fulfilment...then it’s one less thing to worry about.  


At Forward Role we take health and wellness very seriously and you can find more advice in our Wellness Blogs 

If you would like career advice or support finding a role that makes you happy, then feel free to get in touch. 

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