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WFH - 8 Months Sitting In My Kitchen

Author: Becky Smith
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Love it or hate it, working from home isn’t disappearing anytime soon. After all it's ‘unprecedented’ times!

Here’s a few things that I’ve learnt over the last 8 months of sitting in my kitchen…

1. No matter how much time you have, you’ll still be trying to find  the link to log on to your 10am Zoom call at 9.59. Just me? 

2. You’ll then spend the Zoom analysing how tired you look or why you didn’t move all the clutter in the background. 

3. The zoom wave. No one knows why we feel the urge to wave bye, but we all do it. 

4. Loungewear is the new office wear- comfort is key. 

5. Getting outside genuinely helps. A bit of fresh air each day does wonders for your mood. 

6. No one cares that you baked a banana bread. It’s so lockdown 1.0 

7. There’s barely any office drama or gossip… not much going on in our kitchens is there? 

8. The commute is effortless. Although a ‘Fake Commute’ can help to motivate you for the day.  

9. You visit the kitchen cupboards wayyy more than you need to, just to see if there’s any more snacks you fancy. 

10. Apple love to tell you how much your screen time has gone up each week. 

11. Work calls last loads longer. Colleagues wants to catch up and generally have a bit of a chit chat. 

12. You never realised how much you took after work drinks for granted. Wine anyone? 

13. We all now love walking- our local parks have become some of our favourite places. Anything but the same 4 walls! 

14. We have office furniture for a reason. The kitchen table doesn’t quite cut it! 

15. Online shopping happens almost daily. We’re all on first name terms with our delivery driver. 

16. Going to get takeout coffee is now an event, just so you have somewhere to be. 

17. You’re way more productive at home and find you get lots more done in a shorter period of time. 

18. You’re also way less productive some days, but that’s fine as we can’t be full of beans all day every day. 

19. It gets dark REALLY early now and it feels like you’re working in the middle of the night. 

20. You can do your job at home. Many jobs we thought weren’t possible to do at home, actually are. 

The list is endless, and I could go on, but I won’t! There is definitely something to be said for the new flexibility in working practises that CV19 has brought. At Forward Role, we have adapted to the uncertainty of 2020 with all employees working from home and the option to come into the office if we feel comfortable to or need a break from our home desks. No pressure at all. You can check out ‘The New Normal For Forward Role’ to see how we have adapted our work practises and ensured the business is as Covid safe as possible. 

Despite this year being unpredictable and anything but normal (understatement), most workplaces now trust employees to manage their time and plan their day how it suits them, which personally I think is a welcome change. 

If you need support finding a new role that offers more flexible working options, GET IN TOUCH! 

Becky Smith is Agency Recruitment Lead at Forward Role 

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