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Marketing & Digital Leaders - An interview with Deborah Darlington

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Marketing & Digital Leaders - An interview with Deborah Darlington

To celebrate International Women's Day, everyday this week, we have been sharing a quick interview with an inspiring woman in leadership.

In this instalment, Rachel Wheeler chatted with marketing leader Deborah Darlington, Director of Brand & Marketing at The Co-operative Bank.

Please can you provide an overview of your role?

Director of Brand and Marketing at The Co-operative Bank, leading a team of 41 experienced and talented marketers.

I lead and develop:

  • Brand and marketing strategies to drive KPI’s both brand health and commercial performance

  • Customer Data and analytics

  • Customer insight

  • Marketing plans both for acquisition and retention across all media and all channels

  • Strategies on bank culture including inclusion and diversity

What are the biggest challenges you have faced in your career?

  • Brands bringing in external senior leaders rather than promoting talent within

  • Having the confidence to openly challenge

  • Specifically in banking - being recognised as a female leader - though this has improved significantly over past 5 years

Do you think there are enough women in prominent positions? Why?

I think probably not - though we have seen this improve over time especially with the GPG etc however, I think the challenge on diversity is much broader now - all demographics need to be represented in business at all levels of seniority; this is key to social mobility.

What advice would you give to women who aspire to be in a role of power?

Stand up - ask questions - be your true self - be a champion for other women!

The Co-operative recently released their 2020 Sustainability Plan, you can see the details of how they maintained their values and ethical commitments over the last 12 months.

If you aspire to be in a marketing, digital or technology leadership role, and want to take the next step in your career, our team of experts will be happy to offer advice and support you on your career journey – get in touch!

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Rachel Wheeler is Product & eCommerce Lead at Forward Role.