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​Moving to a new company made me fall in love with my job again – could it do the same for you?

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​Moving to a new company made me fall in love with my job again – could it do the same for you?

Let’s throw it back to April 2020. Zoom quizzes with family and friends were just becoming a thing, lots of guys were shaving their heads, and furlough was being rolled out across the country.

By month’s end, all three of these things had become part of my life. Don’t ask about the head shave – I looked just as bad as most, it really was my Britney moment!

I was working at one of the largest and most well-known recruitment companies in the UK at the time. When I was furloughed, I was left with four months of not knowing whether or not my job was safe or whether life would be the same by the time I began work again.

I obviously wasn’t the only recruiter across the country that this happened to, but the sense of starting from scratch again when I returned was a daunting proposition.

Eight months of work then went by, which brought me to April 2021. I was doing well, placing candidates into brilliant roles, and was on course for a promotion. All of this sounds great…right? On the surface it does. However, my stress levels were at an all-time high, and I was letting this effect out-of-work relationships with friends and family.

The Pandemic really compounded this, and along with lack of access to an office that had been shut since March last year, I knew I had to leave. I have nothing bad to say about the company I have just left, some of the people I worked with there were great. I just knew the time was right for me to move on.

When I began my search, I knew though that this move would be critical for the rest of my career. The next company I worked for needed to be the right fit for me. I felt like I needed to join a company where culture and flexibility were at the core of everything. I wanted somewhere where I felt supported, and where I was given constant upskilling opportunities and training to make me the best consultant possible. After speaking with the management team at Forward Role, I knew that what I was looking for was right here. I started here on May the 4th (be with you! – shocking pun but had to do it), and haven’t looked back!

I have been given the fresh start I needed, and more. I knew I could do the job and I knew that in the right environment I would have the ability to succeed. Everybody here has the same mind-set, and the business prides itself on having a culture of high-performance. I have been given the flexibility that I desired and also have the opportunity to work in an office again, something that I severely missed during the Pandemic. Staring at the same four walls in my flat was giving me Imposter Syndrome!

Further to this support is never too far away, with training always available which has further allowed me to add skills to my arsenal. I’ve been here for two months now, and I’ve fallen back in love with the ups and downs of recruitment again. It’s the best career choice I’ve made to date, hands down.

So now if you’re reading this and are considering a move, be that in recruitment or in a completely different sector, think about the reasons why you’re looking to move in the first place. Are you looking to move because of your salary? Is it because of the environment you’re in or due to not getting on with your co-workers? Are the stresses of work impacting personal relationships with your partner, friends or family? Or do you just need a fresh challenge? Everybody looks to move jobs for a different reason.

The first of my two pieces of advice as somebody who’s just been through a change like this, is to talk to others. Talk to a recruiter, speak with your family or partner, and tell somebody your reasons for looking to move and let them give you’re their opinion on the situation. An impartial opinion, instead of your own that you’ve been bottling up in your own head, is the best thing - talking from personal experience.

Secondly, if it does get down to the time where you’re handing your notice in, don’t allow them to paper over the cracks and potentially cloud your judgement. If you’re offered more money for example, but money wasn’t the reason behind you leaving, don’t let that be the deciding factor that makes you stay at a company where you’re unhappy. Obviously if money was the issue and you’re given more to stay, then brilliant, but don’t let material things scupper you. Remember the reasons why you’re looking to leave, and believe in yourself that this will be the right thing to do.

Joining Forward Role made me fall in love with my job again. I sincerely hope if you’re reading this and you do decide to join a new company, then the same happens to you too.

Best of luck!

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Dan Wardle is a Contract Recruitment Consultant at Forward Role specialising in Data & Analytics.