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​Top 10 Tips for Hiring Managers to Attract the Best Talent Right Now

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​Top 10 Tips for Hiring Managers to Attract the Best Talent Right Now

With last year firmly behind us now, the economic landscape looks to be in a state of recovery and with the incredible rate of the vaccine roll out, the outlook is feeling positive. The recruitment market is generally a good barometer for how the economy is performing and with a huge demand for talent right now, the future is looking bright. The recruitment market has exploded back onto the scene this year and as a result, companies are having to adjust their approach to bring in the best people. The so called “war for talent” is very real and with this increased demand for the best people and talent in very short supply, the market has become hugely competitive.

Fear not, I have highlighted a few areas for hiring managers to concentrate on to land the best people!

1) Move quickly!

I really can’t stress this enough. With a shortage of great people on the market, large shortlists of candidates are a thing of the past and hiring managers must accelerate their lead times between receiving CVs, arranging interviews and offering candidates. If they don’t, the competition will.

2) Never just rely on an advert

Active job seekers are a tiny proportion of the overall market and the best people never tend to apply to adverts as they most probably work with a trusted recruiter who will direct them towards the best opportunities.

3) Flexible / hybrid working is more than a “nice to have”

The pandemic has fast-tracked remote working and highlighted a growing demand for work/life balance; so much so that now the majority of businesses are offering some element of flexibility. Unfortunately those businesses who are demanding that all staff return to the office 5 days a week will struggle to bring in the top talent and may find it hard to keep their best people.

4) Offer a future career, not just a job

With so much change over the last 18 months, people want security and with that, they want to hear about internal development & progression opportunities. If you can offer them a visible pathway for their future with you, it will help you stand out.

5) Counter offers

So you’ve beaten the competition and your offer has been accepted – congratulations! The next important step is the candidate handing in their notice. Be aware that if you’re looking to bring in the best people who are currently employed, the chances are their current employer will pull out all the stops to keep them. Understanding why that candidate is looking to leave in the first place and providing a solution to that problem will go a long way.

6) Candidate experience

Ghosting, radio silence, failure to provide feedback, too many interview stages, chaotic processes – these will all reflect negatively on your brand. Building a brand takes years of graft and hard work. Ruining a brand can take just minutes. Which leads me nicely onto me next point…..

7) Your employer brand is more important than ever

This is simply a company’s reputation as an employer of people which is hugely important for both the acquisition of new talent and retention of existing employees. You may have seen Brewdog blow up in the news just recently for all the wrong reasons – a perfect example of a business with little focus on employee welfare and how it could have a long term damaging effect on the business. People are the lifeblood of any business so it makes sense to look after them. A strong employer brand will reduce overall recruitment costs, create brand advocates for your business and elevate you above your competition in the race for the best people in the market.

8) Equality, Diversity and Inclusion

This is massive and ensures everyone is treated fairly and has the same access to opportunities. Discrimination and inequality have no place in society and therefore do not belong in the workplace. If you haven’t updated your policies and embedded them into your company culture yet, I’d say you’re already behind. At Forward Role we're working alongside Mel Venner from Instinct Performance on Represent - our inclusive recruitment approach that provides equality of opportunity for everyone - for us ED&I has never just been a 'tick box' exercise!

9) Stand out from the crowd

OK, I know this is obvious but the market is fierce at the moment and companies are clambering over themselves to acquire the best people. If you’re blending into the background, it’ll be very hard to cut through the noise. Be bold, try something different, innovate and apply a personal touch.

10) F2F is back!

Conducting everything on video was a necessity to keep the wheels turning last year, but now we’re allowed H2H interaction, get out and meet people! People respond and connect with other people. Changing jobs is a big deal for the majority so meeting their future boss and the team in person, seeing the offices and getting a “feel” for the place is a must for candidates.

If you’re conducting your recruitment directly, through an internal talent team, with an external agency or using a mixture of channels, all of the above points still apply. If you would like a chat or need support with your recruitment, feel free to get in touch!

Good luck out there!

Guy Walker is Associate Director at Forward Role