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The Impact of our Market-Leading Green Talent Solution in 2021

Author: Brian johnson

Around three years ago, as a business and a board of directors, we started to ask ourselves the question; can we find a more sustainable way of offering a recruitment service?

As parents with young children, we all felt a collective frustration about ongoing destruction of our planet. And it was that concern, coupled with a growing curiosity from our clients around our green credentials, that led us to develop a world first in the recruitment space; a green talent product.

We did this by partnering with enviro start-up Greenify, and the collaboration resulted in the launch of Greenify Talent – a game-changing solution that empowers clients to offset the environmental footprint of their new hires.

The Greenify protocol goes way beyond carbon neutral – offsetting not only CO2 emissions, but plastic waste footprint and deforestation footprint too.

We launched in January 2021, providing clients who chose to Greenify their new talent with a genuine feel-good factor and a number of things that they could shout about:

  • An enhanced employer value proposition

  • A contributions to corporate ESG/CSR goals

  • Affirmative action on climate change

  • A feel-good factor for internal talent and HR teams

  • An increased appeal to enviro-aware Gen Z candidates

Greenify Talent has had a huge impact on both Forward Role and our clients last year, allowing us to demonstrate a real and measurable impact in the fight against climate change.

It has allowed us to win new climate-aware clients and land big projects with brands like JD Sports and Regatta. There’s something special about knowing our business and our clients are having a positive impact on the planet by supporting incredible projects around the world.

In 2021, Forward Role clients who chose to Greenify their new talent have collectively:

  • Recovered and repurposed over 1.5 tonnes of plastic waste from our global environment

  • Offset 584 tonnes of carbon emissions through nature-based projects

  • Planted 368 trees

  • Created a huge feel-good factor for internal teams and the Forward Role team

This year we are not letting up! We want to provide the best possible service to our clients and candidates and tailor more responsible, innovative solutions for all, in what is a challenging and fast paced market.

Working with Forward Role

Environmentally-conscious recruitment companies like us can help you update your approach to talent attraction and retention.

In 2021 we also created a suite of solutions to match our client needs more closely and truly align with whatever their hiring aspirations looked like. From a detailed Diversity & Inclusion process (Represent) that improved the balance of shortlists and hires, to a comprehensive contract offering (Assist+) where we offer a fully managed contractor population service.

At Forward Role, you’ll find genuine industry experts who care passionately about delivering for their clients and candidates.

If you're a candidate, we'll treat you the way we'd like to be treated when making an important life decision like moving jobs, send us your CV to start your job search journey with us!

If you're a client you can expect exceptional delivery and communication as a matter of course, check out our hiring solutions or get in touch and we can tailor our solutions to fit your recruitment needs!

Special thanks to Greenify for our fantastic partnership, and to our clients and candidates for supporting us in our goals to develop and champion greener organisations.​

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