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Why SaaS Should Be On Your 2022 Growth Agenda

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Why SaaS Should Be On Your 2022 Growth Agenda

​Whether you are selling software as a service, or a business trying to optimize your processes for 2022: the advancements in the SaaS market should be on your radar. 

Why? The answer is rather simple. 

Technology experts around the world are anticipating that the majority of future B2B and B2C interactions will take place entirely online, utilizing digital landscapes in order to take consumers from one end of their purchasing decision to the other. 

To stay competitive (and grow your business) in an environment where your target audience can simply load up Google and find hundreds of global competitors, you need to reduce costs and create business scalability. 

You need SaaS. 

The likelihood is, you’ve already integrated some of the most common software applications into your business model - like a CRM system to handle basic admin tasks, or cloud services to securely transfer data between teams. 

There’s so much more out there. 

If you are one of the 33% of UK business owners who believe digital transformation is integral to your future business survival, then staying up-to-date with SaaS advancements could help you strategize the perfect 2022 business growth plan.

Why SaaS Should Be Part of Your 2022 Growth Agenda

Interestingly, the majority of 2022 SaaS advantages align directly with common business goals for the future: increasing efficiency, improving employee wellbeing, and accelerating sustainability. All this needs to take place in a post-pandemic hybrid environment where many workers are still finding their feet. 

As a result, digital-savvy leadership will become absolutely essential to every growth agenda - and utilizing SaaS could enable businesses to offer workers:

  1. High levels of flexibility

  2. Reduced workloads

  3. Optimized task management

Ultimately, this will lead to higher employee satisfaction and allow businesses to expand their operations, maximize efficiency, and continue scaling their growth long into the future.

Benefits of SaaS on 2022 Growth Agendas 

Due to the mutually beneficial promises made between SaaS providers and businesses, more companies than ever are expected to enter external IT contracts in 2022 than ever before - where 94% are already using cloud SaaS. 

DevSquadfound that software services are closely tied to business survivability as well as growth, discovering that:

  • 70% of CIOs are attracted to SaaS agility and scalability

  • 38% want to enhance disaster recovery

  • 37% desire increased flexibility

To this end, SaaS goes far beyond simply allowing your business to increase its efficiency: it enables you to design an adaptable company ready to face whatever the market brings its way. 

2022 SaaS Trends To Add To Your Growth Agenda

1. Cloud Computing

Flexi-workers have reported feeling less stressed and burnt out, and 77% of employees report greater productivity while working off-site. This means that internal cloud services will become absolutely essential to achieving business efficiency (and therefore growth) in hybrid work environments. Therefore, cloud use - and especially custom-designed hybrid platforms - will surge in 2022 as more competitors adapt their business operations to employee wants and demands. 

Even the UK government has recognized the advantages of cloud services for economic growth, spending £1.3 billion on cloud infrastructure over the course of 2021. 

Popular Cloud Computing SaaS Apps to Grow Your Business in 2022:

Microsoft 365


Google G-Suite

Atlassian Product Suite



2. Martech

For the last 5 years, the Martech industry in the UK has been growing steadily at an ACR of 5.6%. Martech SaaS solutions allow marketers to analyze data and increase their customer segmenting and targeting efficiency. For a lot of businesses, this will provide vital answers to effectively communicating with audiences in new digital environments. Businesses planning their growth strategy for 2022 would be well advised to invest in the growing Martech trend and adopt many services for themselves.

Popular Martech SaaS Apps to Grow Your Business in 2022:



Google AdWords







3. Finance Support

Finance SaaS applications are allowing CEOs to make educated, informed, business decisions free of human error. Simple admin tasks like invoicing can now be managed by CRM systems, reducing workloads and stress for the majority of finance teams (as well as costs of outsourcing important accounting work). For business growth potential, this unlocks a whole scope of potential.

Popular Finance SaaS Apps to Grow Your Business in 2022:






Zoho Books

4. Centralised Data Storage and Processing

Centralising data is a huge trend facing the SaaS industry for 2022, because of current business demand for increased cybersecurity. Centralising and localising data will allow many UK organisations to stay in line with strict GDPR laws, ensuring they avoid expensive fines and penalisation. As consumers become more aware of their personal data being placed at risk, businesses need to be able to prove they are protecting and storing information securely (without taking advantage of confidential information to generate sales). CRM systems such as Hubspot,promise safe and secure data processing that automatically helps businesses plan their future growth strategy, without looking too deeply into individual data sets.  

Popular Data SaaS Apps to Grow Your Business in 2022:


Zoho Analytics





How To Use SaaS Your Business To Grow

SaaS applications allow businesses to redistribute and reduce workload pressures placed on individual employees. This lets staff:

  1. Revive their creativity.

  2. Feel more motivated at work.

  3. Learn new skills that will prove essential for digital transformation. 

Without SaaS, businesses could be wasting talented human resources who have to focus their efforts on managing simple admin tasks (like meeting scheduling) which could easily be organised by smart applications like Calendly. 

If businesses want to remain competitive throughout 2022, they will have to prepare themselves to adopt a variety of software services that promise enhanced security, easy-to-use interfaces, and time-saving capabilities. 

Why SaaS Recruitment Should Also Be On Your 2022 Growth Agenda

As many business owners will already know, another key part of any business growth strategy is efficient recruitment. Without the right number of staff, business processes can slow - and having empty positions will often increase waiting times and harm customer experiences. 

For businesses to create true scalability by implementing SaaS, they need to predict what skills and positions will need to be fulfilled in 2022. For example, if they are set to undergo digital transformation, organizations will need to begin recruiting qualified tech staff who will be able to provide ongoing IT support, backend development, and server maintenance. Filling such roles will prove an essential factor in any business 2022 growth agenda.

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