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What's Changing in 2022 For Paid Media Jobs?

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What's Changing in 2022 For Paid Media Jobs?

When a customer with money burning in their pocket hops onto Google, every business wants to secure the top spot in the search results. There are a few ways they can go about this:

  1. Google Ads

  2. SEO and Site Optimisation

  3. Brand Awareness

But only one of these marketing tactics is guaranteed to claim that shiny, well sought-after position… and it comes in the form of pay-per-click advertising. 

In a post-pandemic world where online shopping surged by almost 88% in March 2021compared to 2019, and competition spans from local markets to international ones, Paid Media jobs are becoming vital to a brand’s success online. 

As of late 2020, 36% of Instagram’s users actively research and follow brands - making social media an important part of the pre-purchase customer buying phase. Without the right research and targeting, businesses will find themselves unable to convert the audiences they work so hard to build into customers.

That’s where Paid Media comes in to save the day (again). 

Paid Media in 2022

This year, as with many sales, marketing, and advertising roles - thousands of organisations will be competing for qualified talent by partnering with recruiters to give candidates what they want. They’ll be working behind the scenes to transform their employer branding, expand their benefits portfolio, and ensure they become a company worth working for. 

The Candidate-Driven Market

With so much competition for a limited supply of talent, the UK is moving into a candidate-driven market - where power will be in the job seeker’s hands. This will enable them to:

  • Make requests.

  • Negotiate salaries.

  • Pick and choose from attractive jobs.

This will influence the way a lot of businesses approach hiring and recruitment practices, turning a previously stressful process into a fun and engaging challenge.

Paid Media Trends in 2022

Alongside their attempts to accommodate candidates’ needs, businesses will be looking to optimise processes through various Paid Media trends in 2022. These include:

1. Paid Media Automation

Automating PPC account management will allow Paid Media talent to engage with a wider scope of work by clearing some admin tasks off their to-do list. This will give them more time to design tailored messaging and focus on the adverts themselves, increasing ROI.

2. Ad Optimisation

Ecommerce accounted for 36% of all UK sales in 2020 when we were mid-pandemic, and many businesses started to learn the importance of investing in advertising and, more importantly, making every penny count. Paid Media positions can expect to have a lot of pressure placed upon them to optimise adverts for higher conversion rates, taking advantage of A/B testing, increased budgets, and more online traffic.

(Source: Hosting Data)

3. Ethics and Transparent Policies

Twitter, Facebook, and other social media platforms have had to crack down on rules and regulations regarding misleading and spammy advertising. Businesses will have to present clear guidelines to their Paid Media experts and be more transparent with their goals, accepting that staying within the rules and being ethical with their promotions is more important than a one-off successful ad. 

4. Third-Party Alternatives to Cookies

As of this year, marketers will need to find alternatives to collecting and analysing data as Google looks to eradicate user-tracking cookies. This will reduce the pool of resources Paid Media talent are able to draw from, and likely reduce the effectiveness of targeting. Experts may have to focus on advertising alternatives such as social media or start collecting information from first-party data.

Paid Media Skills in 2022

Digital landscapes are changing. 

Increased competition online is making sponsored ads an expensive way of reaching target customers, and Paid Media candidates may need to pick up some new skills as they job hunt. Skills requested on active job ads include:

  • Network and relationship building.

  • Designing new ways to gather and analyse customer data.

  • High-level digital skills and cross-platform understanding.

  • Spend management responsibility.

Paid Media Career Path in 2022

Right now, there are hundreds of opportunities for new entrants to start learning vital skills that will be put into practice over the years. Qualified talent have a real potential to advance up the career ladder and seek out innovative job roles in a wide range of industries. 

While marketing agencies have the highest demand for Paid Media jobs, many ecommerce businesses are offering “in-house” (usually remote) entry positions. Paid Media Assistants earn an average of £10.77 per hour and Paid Media Directors should be earning an annual salary of £67,339. (Glassdoor)

Paid Media candidates looking for a change would be very welcome in the market right now, and would be well advised to:

  1. Research: Alongside looking at available job opportunities, looking at in-demand skills will help candidates gain a good idea of what kind of industries they’d be well-matched in. 

  2. Set Goals: Every Paid Media expert should set salary and career goals that they can communicate to hiring managers that clearly outline their expectations at work. This will help them negotiate an ideal salary and also present themselves as an organised employee when applying for jobs.

  3. Network with Recruiters: With so many opportunities in marketing right now, searching for Paid Media roles can feel a little overwhelming. Speaking with recruiters will ensure you are able to communicate your requirements, putting you in a wonderful place for finding the very best Paid Media position. 

Finding Your Next Paid Media Job or Candidate

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If you're a candidate, we'll treat you the way we'd like to be treated when making an important life decision like moving jobs, why not take a look at our latest Paid Media roles! If you're a client, you can expect exceptional delivery and communication as a matter of course.