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Russian Cyber Attacks: How Prepared Are You? 

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Russian Cyber Attacks: How Prepared Are You? 

The Digital and Technology industries have a reason to be paying attention to the Russian-Ukrainian war, as there’s a threat that could cost them millions. 


The UK Government has recently warned businesses across the country about predicted attacks soon to be launched by specialist Russian hackers who intend to do malicious harm to our country. Russia has already successfully executed a Europe-wide cyber attack and now the NCSC is urging companies into action to protect their digital assets.

Although it’s likely the UK’s critical infrastructure is most at risk, Digital and Technology businesses still need to be aware of the risks - both for themselves and their clients. 

Who’s at Risk of Russian Cyber Attacks?

Any company that relies on online platforms and software has a reason to be concerned about cyber threats. In particular, we can expect vital services like FinTech and MedTech to be targeted, disrupting our economy and putting lives at risk. Other software providers (including Cloud Storage and Data Processing) should also be on high alert.

The Consequences of Weak Cybersecurity

Weak cybersecurity can not only put a halt to systems, but it can damage customer relations. Loss of private data stored on your systems puts credit card information and confidential details at risk. In turn, affected individuals will be distrustful of your embracing Digital and Technology innovations.

If that wasn’t enough, there’s also a hefty price tag associated with cybersecurity violations. Loss of work and Government fines lead to an average cost of £2,670 British pounds for every data breach (Source: Statista).

Preparing Yourself for Cyber Threats

With the risks amounting, businesses in Digital and Technology spaces have a responsibility to prepare themselves, their employees, and the stakeholders they work with (such as suppliers, freelancers, and customers). 

For business operations to continue running smoothly, everyone must start preparing for cyber threats


Update Systems

Internally and externally, ensuring software is up-to-date will reduce the risk of a successful breach. Where manual updates are required, clients should be informed well in advance to cover all the bases and protect your firm legally in the event of an issue.

Renew Antivirus

Antivirus is a simple and easy tool for any business or freelancer. Check your license is still active and, more importantly, reach out to your employees and make sure their personal devices are protected. 

Consider investing in extra antivirus subscriptions to cover any mobile phones, laptops, tablets, or computers where work is conducted. This is especially important for remote workers where device browsing and usage are typically not monitored.

Educate on Safe Data

Even though you work in Data and Technology, you could have customer service or marketing teams (and older staff) who are less familiar with safe data practices. Where possible, enforce two-factor authentication, teach staff members about identifying risk links and spam, and just in case, ensure you are backing up your systems.

Encrypt Every File

In today’s digital environment where files could be travelling from one end of the world to the other, all data should be automatically encrypted and secured. This may be automatic depending on what communication systems you are using (such as Microsoft Outlook or Teams), but is an important step for preparing yourself and your teams in the face of Russian cyber threats.

Recruit Cyber Specialists

It’s more imperative than ever that you immediately start recruiting extensively for specialist cyber talent in order to save yourself unpredictable costs and issues in the long run.

Partner With Specialist Cyber Recruiters

Alternatively, partnering with specialist cyber recruiters will reduce your time-to-fill and let you take advantage of their awareness of the market. This way, you can trust them to find an employee who will align with your company’s future goals.

At Forward Role, we already have an extensive network of cybersecurity talent who are looking for their next job with a progressive Digital or Technology firm.

Working with Forward Role

For help expanding your horizons and driving change in your industry through intelligent recruitment,contact us! AtForward Role,you’ll find genuine Marketing, Digital, and Tech experts who care passionately about delivering for their clients and candidates.

If you're a candidate, we'll treat you the way we'd like to be treated when making an important life decision like moving jobs. If you're a client you can expect exceptional delivery and communication as a matter of course.

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