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​Off-Payroll (IR35) Re-re-reforms and what it means for you.

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IR35 U-turn blog

​Off-Payroll (IR35) Re-re-reforms and what it means for you.

So a little over a month after the then-Chancellor repealed the Off-Payroll regulations, this week’s Chancellor has confirmed they will remain.

Which kind of makes sense. Granted, there’s a lot of ironing out of the intricacies that could still do with happening, and the blanket assessments verges on the insane but a lot of organisations have spent a lot of time ensuring that they aren’t going to fall foul of the regulations regardless of their cheese grater-like holes.

IR35 U-turn - Where does this leave Contractors & Clients?

So where does this leave contractors? In the exact same place they have always been – picking and choosing their contracts based on the maturity of the end-client and ensuring they adhere to the fee-payers assessment over their determination.

Where does it leave clients? Still operating as close to their own interpretation of the rules as possible – taking a chance on the accuracy of CEST and genuinely looking at roles from an objective perspective or using an organisation that can de-risk their contractor base, insure the SDS assessment and ensure that their contractors are operating with the correct working practices.

Forward Role Assist+

Forward Role do exactly that –Our Assist+ offering puts every contractor through a case-law based IR35 assessment, to ensure that they are working correctly in line with the legislation; this gives you peace of mind that you won’t fall foul of using those contractors keen to maintain their Limited Company status and shifts the burden and risk onto us.

Should you wish to find out how we can manage the risk, control and cost of your contractor base and implement our Assist+ offering in your organisation, please don’t hesitate to call or send us a message via our website

Daniel Haydon is Associate Director at Forward Role and Contract specialist; he supports the UK and Europe’s biggest brands to develop contractor recruitment strategies.

If you are looking for the brightest talent on the market to support a short-term project, or you are looking for your next interim role, Dan and his team of experts offer a market-leading Contract Recruitment Service.

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