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3 Reasons to Invest in Cybersecurity Talent in 2023

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3 Reasons to Invest in Cybersecurity Talent in 2023

Are you someone who has felt the increasing pressure of cybersecurity regulations? 

You’re not the only one.

This year, business leaders across the UK have found themselves in the spotlight for upholding safe data practices and encouraging their employees to make sensible decisions (Source: ICO).


They are starting to recognise that the consequences of a potential misstep will land directly on their organisation’s shoulders. Today, the threat of security breaches poses a life-or-death situation - as shown by our government’s recent response.

“Ransomware incidents in the United Kingdom are now so impactful that the majority of the government’s recent crisis management meetings have been convened in response to them rather than other emergencies.” - The Record

The consequences of bad cybersecurity

Not only is it an expensive procedure to recover from a malicious breach (especially where your reputation is concerned), but the fines accompanying malpractice have reached an unaffordable level for many (Source: Tech Crunch).

That means, regardless of the size and scale of your company, you should put a strategy in place to avoid circumstances where you might be accused of not keeping your customers’ best interests at heart. 

In a world where the average hack costs a UK business around $4.67 million (Source: Comparitech), onboarding a cybersecurity employee isn’t only a sensible financial decision… it’s a vital one.

The advantage of hiring cybersecurity talent

Even though investing in cybersecurity talent might feel like a scary long-term commitment, it’s not one that should be avoided. 

With average salaries sitting anywhere between £25,000 for an entry-level role and £80,000 for a specialist, you could be protecting your business from an unexpected and sometimes unavoidable cost. 

As long as the government perceives that you are doing your due diligence to protect vulnerable data held by your organisation, you’ll likely have a strong petition against any accusations thrown your way.
Wouldn’t you rather invest in a preventative measure that gives your organisation more stability and control over the complex digital environment around us?

“Businesses need to be prepared to deal with a ransomware attack. Through cybersecurity, you can either stop breaches or make them less disruptive as they might be.” - The Record

3 reasons you should invest in cybersecurity talent

However, the recent rise of data breaches isn’t the only driving factor that should persuade you to put money towards cybersecurity talent (Source: Gov UK). 

While the necessity of having a full-time IT technician on your team is certainly growing, there are plenty of other advantages that can be promised by your effort to recruit specialist talent.

1. Knowledge-sharing

Until now, it’s likely been the responsibility of your HR team to remind employees not to click on dodgy links or share their password information. When you have a cybersecurity expert on your side, you can take this one step further. They’ll be able to start teaching your organisation about the importance of safe data practices and will make it a priority to flag suspicious activity.

2. Risk mitigation

Depending on the cybersecurity you already have in place (such as antivirus and firewalls), there’s likely still an area of weakness in your digital presence. A new employee will be responsible for conducting regular tests and measuring the ongoing safety of your online assets. They’ll be able to put further protections in place and ensure your organisation is upholding their promises.

3. Legal compliance

How many times have laws like GDPR been updated in the last few years alone? Lots. It’s almost impossible to keep track of unless it’s a key part of your daily responsibilities. Leaders have other areas of work to focus on, but cybersecurity talent will be keenly aware of what’s going on in the industry and will be determined to keep you in line with the current rules and regulations.

The importance of learning & development for cybersecurity talent in 2023

Beyond simply hiring cybersecurity employees, there are also other ways you can invest in the future of your company. 

By creating an ongoing learning and development scheme for each member of your IT department, you can better position yourself for avoiding hefty fines. 

As the shortage of qualified cybersecurity talent continues to grow in 2023, you might encounter issues in hiring talent with the specific skills you are after. This won’t be a problem if you are willing to direct money towards training.

Plus, by doing so, you’ll be creating a stronger level of career potential for the cybersecurity talent you do manage to secure - making them much more likely to stay with you throughout the year.

As long as they feel like you value their work, they’ll be a thriving asset to your company long into the future.

How to hire cybersecurity talent in 2023

Regardless of whether you are starting to build a cybersecurity team from scratch, or you are looking to build upon what you already have, you might soon encounter a problem.

There’s an incredibly high demand for qualified cyber talent across the UK (Source: Tech Target), meaning you’ll find yourself competing with thousands of other jobs that are posted online every single day.

You need a way to stand out. 


  1. Being creative with your advertisement.

  2. Offering competitive salaries and benefits.

  3. Cross-posting your job listing.

Alternatively, you would benefit from working with a well-established recruitment firm that already has candidates on their roster.

At Forward Roleand FR Cyber, we have a vast array of industry connections that you can take advantage of and an extensive network to share roles with.

We’ve spent years cultivating relationships with specialists and entry-level talent alike, each of which is looking for their next big opportunity in a workplace that will challenge and reward them. 

Is that with you? 

Working with FR Cyber

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