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8 New Roles Digital Businesses Should Consider

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8 New Roles Digital Businesses Should Consider

There’s a whole range of really obvious roles that digital businesses can’t live without, such as:

  • Chief Technology Officers

  • Product Managers

  • Software Developers

  • UX and UI Designers

However, as the industry continues to change, there are a few more crucial employees that could be an asset to your team. 

8 employees your digital business needs

Although some of these positions aren’t always specific to a digital field, the value they have to offer can’t be ignored:

1. Change Facilitator

Even if you feel like you’ve already built the most flexible and versatile team in the world, the level of change going on in the digital industry is astronomical. 

Your employees, therefore, will need support with managing their stress levels and maintaining their wellbeing, as well as the tools and training in place to adjust to further digital implementation. 

Adding a Change Facilitator (or Change Manager) to your team could lend your team the ability to speak up when they need additional support. 

Through them, training can be conducted smoothly and your employees will feel like their needs are being met - increasing staff retention.

2. Data Scientist

Until recently, the amount of data available to digital businesses was fairly limited. 

In the last few years, this has changed and the volume has sky-rocketed beyond what many of us can imagine. 

Onboarding a Data Scientist to your team could be crucial in turning the numbers into actionable insights, transforming your decision-making.

With their help, you’ll be able to keep up with the rapid pace of market changes and even track competitor and customer movements.

3. Information Security Analyst

While most digital businesses have at least one employee dedicated to cybersecurity in some way or another, regulation is making it increasingly important that you don’t cut corners. 

In this industry, you’re likely to be responsible not only for your own data, but your customers’ data, too (especially if you work in SaaS).

As such, recruiting a strong and experienced security expert is in your best interests. 

An Information Security Analyst can act as both a proactive and reactive member of your team who swoops in to save the day and keep you away from legal hot water.

4. Sales Engineers

As our digital ecosystem continues to grow, businesses in the sector are facing an overwhelming amount of demand. 

Rather than missing opportunities and letting potential clients go elsewhere, you need a technologically proficient salesperson to convert interest into qualified leads. 

Sales Engineers will have a vast and comprehensive knowledge of your product, and be able to explain it in great detail to your clients. 

This proficiency will prove crucial in competitive environments - especially if you are targeting c-suite executives.

5. Computer Support Specialists

As the solutions that digital businesses offer to their clients get more advanced, it’s easy to assume that the number of support requests will spike.

With technology continuing to develop at a faster rate than skills, the amount of assistance your customers will need is going to be a full-time job. 

Therefore, recruiting a Computer Support Specialist (or, alternatively, an IT Support Specialist) would be a really sensible decision. 

Even if you have your engineers and developers tackling issues for now, the majority of problems can be solved with a simple and patient explanation.

6. Project Manager

You need to consider the array of tasks your digital employees have to deal with on a day-to-day basis. 

As demand and expectations grow, you’ll need a member of your leadership team to communicate with your team and champion their requests. 

That’s where a Project Manager comes in. 

Not only are they going to be a present and active part of your business activity, but they’ll also be able to motivate your staff to meet targets (bringing your organisation to a whole new level).

7. HSE Manager

How important is it to you that you retain your current employees for the long term? 

As the digital skill gap continues to grow across the country, it should be an absolute priority of yours to retain the qualifications and experience employed by your company. 

A HSE Manager could be the solution you are after. 

It’s already been proven that staff wellbeing is closely tied to retention rates so, unless you want to suffer the consequences of creative burnout, you need to cater to your employees and promote their mental health. 

This will set you on a beneficial path that carries your business into the future.

8. Marketing Manager

Did you know that around 50% of small organisations and start-ups don’t have a marketing strategy (Source: Search Engine Journal)?

If you fall into this category, you need to start onboarding marketing experts, including:

  • Marketing Managers

  • Social Media Managers

  • Content Creators

  • SEO Specialists

  • Brand Managers

This is the only way to guarantee your digital business is heading in the right direction and targeting the most profitable audience. 

Through them, you’ll be able to develop a strong and reputable brand that will capture customer interest and produce the results you are after.

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