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The Ultimate Guide to Landing a Graduate Cyber Role

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The Ultimate Guide to Landing a Graduate Cyber Role

Although the summer heat is directing everyone else to the beach, an entirely different and exciting story awaits new graduates: finding their first Cyber role!

Graduate jobs offer a perfect first experience for you to put all your knowledge into practice, but they also allow you to pinpoint the specialism of work that you actually enjoy doing, in areas like:

  • Computer Security

  • Information Security

  • Network Security

  • Cloud Security

  • Security Engineering

  • Security Management

  • Computer Forensics

  • System Administrator

  • Software Engineering

  • Software Development

On paper, it’ll all seem so exciting but the last thing you want to risk is ending up in a position that isn’t a good fit for you. 

An entry-level position gives you the opportunity to try out multiple different avenues and might just grant you the career clarity that you’ve been searching for. 

When’s the Best Time to Apply for Entry-Level Jobs?

Over the next few months, thousands of individuals just like you are going to be receiving their exam results. This means that attractive, entry-level graduate jobs will be highly sought after so you must prepare to face some competition. To get ahead of the curve, you need to start submitting polished, professional applications as soon as possible. 

How to Land a Competitive Entry-Level Cyber Role

As you pursue an entry-level graduate role, remember that everyone else applying for the same position will have pretty much the same history as you. 

This can make it really challenging to stand out from the crowd. 

After all, you’re all…

  1. Passionate about the industry.

  2. Eager to “get your foot in the door”.

  3. Proud of the work you did at University. 

You’ll ultimately be competing against individuals with similar grades, extracurriculars, and basic work experience. What makes you stand out?

Update Your Resume 

Even though it’s understandably challenging to fit your life’s story onto a single-sided sheet of A4 paper, your Curriculum Vitae (CV) should be the reference sheet for all things “you”. 

What’s your background like? Do you have any hobbies that’ll support you in your new job? Which characteristics and qualities do you most like about yourself?

So many graduates make the mistake of only listing their education history and job experiences, missing out on adding so much value to their application as a result. 

Apply Your Knowledge

With so much of the world relying heavily on cyber services, recruiters need to know whether (or not) their job applicants can practise what they preach. Can you hit the ground running? 

Even if you have no direct work experience, make the effort to demonstrate a deep understanding of the job role you’ll be filling. 

You can do this by writing a customised cover letter that positions you as a skilled, well-versed individual who is able to apply the knowledge they’ve learnt at University.  

Expand Your Horizons

Although you shouldn’t need any other qualifications in addition to your degree... it really will make a difference when you are competing for a job role.

You need to diversify your mindset. 

There are so many cyber events taking place throughout the remainder of the year and going to one as an active participant should:

  1. Demonstrate your passion surrounding the industry. 

  2. Give you an in-depth perspective into the cyber challenges faced by businesses.

  3. Present the opportunity for you to network with market-leading talent.

  4. Further your experience of the cyber world and boost your confidence.

  5. Allow you to play a part in the solutions of the future. 

By doing something as simple as completing an additional course, for example, you’ll be making your application better than all the rest.

Work with FR Cyber

It’s always intimidating to scroll through job board after job board, trying to find the perfect cyber position to apply for. 

What if we told you there was a way that potential employers would come to you, instead? 

At FR Cyber, we have a deeply integrated network of cyber businesses that will be opening entry-level positions over the next few months. 

We’d love to onboard you as a candidate, get to know you, and notify you when your dream opportunity comes along. It could only be days away.

Find Entry-Level Job Opportunities through Forward Role

​For help expanding your horizons and driving change in your industry through intelligent recruitment, contact us. 

At Forward Role, you’ll find genuine Marketing, Digital and Tech experts who care passionately about delivering for our clients and candidates.

As a client, you can expect exceptional delivery and communication as a matter of course. As a candidate, we'll always treat you the way we'd like to be treated.

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