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6 Inspirational CTOs To Look Up To

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6 Inspirational CTOs To Look Up To

Do you see yourself as a future CTO?

Achieving the rank of Chief Technology Officer can be challenging, but the results make the journey worth it. 

The climb itself can be a joy and, as you approach the highest rung on the career ladder, you need to start thinking about the type of leader you want to be. 

  • Are you going to be creative and innovative?

  • Are you going to be driven, determined, and dependable? 

  • Are you going to be encouraging, motivational, and heartening?

It’s a big decision, one that can be very challenging to make. It all depends on your unique personality, employer, and the wonderful team that works for you.

6 Inspirational Chief Technology Officers to Follow

Luckily, there are hundreds of brilliant Chief Technology Officers across the globe. You can take inspiration from each, moulding yourself into the leader you want to be. By following these individuals on LinkedIn, you can also get some in-depth insight into your future career.

1. Mark Russonvich, CTO at Microsoft Azure Cloud

Working for Microsoft is an arguably impressive accomplishment all by itself. Becoming Chief Technology Officer of Azure Cloud, though, goes above and beyond. 

Mark Russonvich has an extensive background in Software Architecture and Software Development, having worked in the field since 1995. With equal parts determination and grit over the past 17 years, he has successfully climbed to the top ranks.

He is an incredible innovator and influencer who is often found sharing his thoughts on LinkedIn and Twitter to over 90,000 followers. Are you one of them?

2. Sencan Sengul, Engineer and CTO at IBM

Being a woman in technology is hard enough. Climbing to the role of Chief Technology Officer at a prestigious organisation like IBM is even harder. 

Sencan Sengul has defied the odds. 

She’s an incredible innovator, active role model, and huge champion of diversity and inclusion. We had to put her on this list. Every other day, she’s sharing news about a variety of different events that offer support to women in male-dominated environments.

3. Will Grannis, CTO of Google Cloud

Although he’s got a smaller LinkedIn presence than some of our other favourite Chief Technology Officers, Will Grannis is no less important. He needs to be on your radar.

As both the Vice President and CTO of Google Cloud, he plays hard and works even harder. He was even the founder of Google’s “Office of the CTO”, making him a popular name in the community.

With years of experience in software behind him, Will Grannis is always providing his audience with in-depth updates about the latest developments in GenAI. He’s therefore an undeniably fascinating person to follow.

4. Jacky Wright, CTPO of McKinsey 

Included in the National Diversity Council’s 50 Most Powerful Women in Technology in 2020, Jacky Wright is a name to remember. 

She’s held senior positions in the industry for over 20 years, working at numerous corporations like BP, HM Revenue & Customs, Microsoft, and now McKinsey. She’s a force to be reckoned with, a strong advocate for diversity, and an impressive leader.

When Jacky Wright was hired as a CTPO, it made headlines everywhere. 

4. Greg Brockman, Former CTO of Stripe

As the current President, Founder, and Chairman of OpenAI, Greg Brockman moved on from being a Chief Technology Officer in 2015. While this should disqualify him from our list, we have a really good reason for putting him here…

It shows the potential that’s available to you. 

Becoming a Chief Technology Officer isn’t always the final step in someone’s career. You can still aspire to be so much more, benefiting from the experience, resources, and connections under your belt. It can be another bridge, connecting you to your passion and leading you to new places.

6. Paul Daugherty, CTO of Accenture

Do you have 70,000 followers on LinkedIn? Paul Daugherty does! 

As a driven senior leader at Accenture, it’s surprising that he finds time to interact with his audience. He holds no secrets, frequently sharing news about his role.

Just recently, he appeared in a fascinating Bloomberg interview, joining the journalist to talk about Artificial Intelligence experimentation. 

You’d think that being an incredible Chief Technology Officer would be enough to earn a reputation, but it’s his excitement and love for the industry that makes him shine.

Wherever you are in your journey, your aspiration to be a Chief Technology Officer means that a wonderful path lies ahead, and we’d like to guide you along the route.

As specialist recruiters, Forward Role are in the perfect position to assist you up the career ladder. 

Alistair Collier is Director of Technology & Change at Forward Role, connect with him here.

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