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Advanced Email Marketing

Tuesday, 13 October 2020

9:30 to 12:30

Online Event

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This workshop  with The Big House is a follow on to the Getting Started with Email Marketing Workshop.

Attendance of the previous workshop is not necessary however as long as you have a basic understanding of MailChimp and already have an account set up and you have sent at least one campaign from there.

This course will follow on from where we left off and look at the next stage of MailChimp now you are up and running with the basics. We will look at some examples of how you can set your MailChimp account on autopilot, sending out sequence once prospects turn to customers. We will cover what sort of emails you can send for your business and how to set them up.


- Understanding Tagging, groups and segments

- Evergreen emails and how to use them effectively

- Take your audience on a journey with you

- Using zapier to integrate with MailChimp

- MailChimp automation and how to use them

- Set your MailChimp on autopilot


In this workshop reference course one and that you already need a Mailchimp account and have a basic knowledge of Mailchimp already. If you don’t yet have a Mailchimp account. Check out the Getting Started with Email Marketing first.

You will be following along live as we get you set up so you just need your computer and your Mailchimp account.