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Google Analytics 4 ( GA4) Training Course - Manchester

Friday, 13 October 2023

13:00 to 17:00

Manchester Conference Centre Sackville Street Manchester M1 3BB


​Learn Google Analytics 4 (GA4) configuration and reporting in this 4 hours course.

GA4 is designed to work in a cookieless future. It uses machine learning and AI to fill in the gaps in data due to cookie restrictions and enables cross-platform measurement.

After attending the Online Seller UK Google Analytics course, you will be able to define goals, match customer journeys to site usage, and extract actionable insights from the data produced by your website. In addition, you will learn what the measurement and metrics mean and possible actions you can take to enhance your marketing objectives.

Who is this suited for?

Digital Marketers, Directors, Managers

 Analytics Basics

  • Which metrics are significant to measure for your website?

  • Google Ads integration with Google Analytics

  • Metrics and dimensions

Introduction to GA4

  • GA4 vs Universal Analytics

  • Tracking with GA4

  • Analytics technical terms

GA4 Setup

  • Property setup in GA4

  • Data streams overview

  • Enhance measurement events overview

Configuring Events

  • Event types: Automated, recommended & custom events

  • Tracking events using Google Tag Manager ( GTM)

  • Adding and modifying events within GA4

  • Setting up conversion events

  • Setting up Ecommerce events

GA4 property settings

  • Data settings (collection, retention, filters)

  • Choosing a default reporting identity

GA4 product integrations

  • Connecting to 3rd party platforms such as Google Ads & Data Studio

  • Introduction to Consent Mode

GA4 Analytics Reports

  • Interface overview

  • Real-time reporting

  • Audience reports

  • Behaviour reports

  • Measuring events

  • Marketing campaign tracking

  • Acquisition reports

  • Creating comparisons

  • Life cycle reports

  • User reports

  • Using the GA4 Library

Audiences in GA4

  • GA4 Audiences overview

  • Audience templates in GA4

  • Creating a new Audience

Measuring Success

  • Introduction to goals

  • Goal types and goal funnels

  • Ecommerce reporting

Custom Reporting & Extra Features

  • Constructing reports

  • Custom alerts

  • Using annotations

Prerequisites for this course:

The Google Analytics 4 course is designed for users with some knowledge of Google Analytics.