Job description

CRM Manager

Our client, a leading B2B business in Liverpool is lookign to recruit a CRM Manager to join their busy head office team. 

The CRM Manager will be responsible for the day to day running, administration and on-going development of CRM system and its commercial application across the firm.   This role has the core responsibility of creating a best practice process supported by the CRM system that allows for a best in class customer experience


Duties and Responsibilities


  • Help define and evolve the CRM strategy and advise on best ways to implement it to meet business objectives and ensure it remains fit for purpose
  • Championing and driving through necessary CRM changes ensuring full buy in from all stakeholders across the firm including communicating with sector leaders and heads of departments to draw out their requirements and ensure clear expectations
  • Responsible for creation and delivery of training to all users and have regular contact with stakeholders and support users from all areas of the firm (junior to senior levels)
  • Oversee troubleshooting issues and 1st-2nd line support and provide telephone help desk support to end users to resolve any CRM queries.
  • On-going development, testing and administration of CRM system
  • Ensure processes for data integrity is adhered to by ensuring policies for data quality and GDPR are implemented
  • Create custom reporting, documentation and dashboards to the stakeholders requirements linked to best practice approach
  • Working with external agencies and suppliers to ensure the successful delivery of the CRM plan
  • Maintain the CRM user licence and email group list, processing leavers, new joiners and administering access rights as required.
  • Review new contacts added by the end users, associating them to companies where relevant and enhancing the records via external data feeds that are to be integrated with the system
  • Undertake regular data maintenance processes including, but not limited to; new users, permission changes, security roles, archiving, approving tickets, de-duping and associating orphaned contacts to companies where relevant

Client/Business Development

  • Act as a specialist advisor in relation to CRM, supporting the sector leads and heads of department to ensure it provides an effective sales funnel and efficient sales process
  • Provide training, development and guidance on how to maximise current and prospective relationships through the use of CRM
  • Perform administrative CRM support for the Firm’s priority programmes e.g. Key accounts, sectors, client listening and take ownership of ensuring these records are kept up to date within the CRM system and enhanced with external data.
  • Making sure the database is customer focussed and working to maximize its effectiveness for business and client development
  • Develop strong understanding of customer lifetime value to maximise profitability across all data segments
  • Monitoring trends in the data and make recommendations for data cleaning initiatives/projects that will aid business development activity and client profiling
  • Report return on investment through KPI’s and performance metrics for business/client development and marketing activities
  • Develop bi-monthly reporting to evidence improvements/decline in data quality (overall and by practice group/sector/user).

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