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Are Contract Workers For You?

​Business owners tend to share one quality: your work is incredibly precious to you.The organisat...

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Are You Panic Hiring?

A trend is forming. After months of being locked in the worst talent shortage the UK has ever fa...

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How To Handle Redundancy And What To Do Next

How to handle redundancy and what to do next Being made redundant is never easy, but unfortunatel...

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Should I Become a Contractor? - The Pros & Cons and How To Get Started!

​Whether or not to “go contracting” is something many of us have considered at stages of our car...

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The Rise of Digital Marketplaces

We’ve all heard of Amazon. You likely have an account with them.​It’s one of the biggest digital ...

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Ir35 Blog

​Off-Payroll (IR35) Re-re-reforms and what it means for you.

So a little over a month after the then-Chancellor repealed the Off-Payroll regulations, this wee...

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How to Build a Data - Driven Culture

​Today's business leaders have an incredible opportunity not available to those of fifty years ag...

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How to Secure Software Engineers in a Candidate Short Market

​Software engineers are becoming notoriously hard to come by. Not only are they few and far betwe...

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Forward Role Marketing & Digital Salary Guide Blog Image

The Forward Role Marketing & Digital Salary Guide

​The importance of offering competitive salariesAs the digital & marketing skills shortage co...

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Women In Tech Blog

Spotlight on Women in Technology

​In 2022, organisations like Women in Tech are ge