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  • FR PRO & Darts Corner

    We partnered with Darts Corner, Europe’s biggest caterer of darts equipment for pros & amateur players providing a comprehensive selection of high-quality equipment from various brands. We assisted Darts Corner with their ambitious plans to expand into the US market by recruiting a Senior E-commerce Manager, who had extensive knowledge of the sports retail industry.To support Darts Corner on this large-scale recruitment project we:Met all candidates to ensure they were the right culture fit and held the required skills and capabilitiesVisited the office to ascertain the culture and to replicate the commute candidates would embark on as the role would be office-basedAs the E-commerce team was an undeveloped area for the business, we guided them on salary and overall packages, providing similar examples from companies across the North West, to tailor a package that will suit their business needsProduced a fully interviewed shortlist of high calibre candidates meeting with the Commercial Director on a weekly basis to ensure they met his needsThe detail:Hired and onboarded the candidate within the agreed 4 week timeframeSuccessfully recruited an experienced candidate who has already implemented & executed plans from the outsetConducted extensive market analysis to ensure the benefits package on offer was competitive and advised on necessary amendments (hybrid working was implemented on our recommendation)

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  • CurrentBody

    We partnered with CurrentBody, a high end luxury beauty business as they looked to hire a number of new heads following the in-housing of a number of critical skills from an external agency. We successfully recruited across e-commerce, digital, CRM and marketing.Business ChallengesThe location of the office in Alderley Edge was slightly challenging as many target candidates did not drive or have access to a car. Secondly, the requirement to be in the office 4 days a week was slightly off putting. Therefore, we had to ensure we emphasised the great culture, progression opportunities and shuttle bus the business provided to staff based in the city centre.Our Approach & SolutionsSet up a team of 4 dedicated recruitment consultants, headed up by a Recruitment DirectorConducted a thorough regional search to secure niche talent, particularly trading professionals with native languages, such as German and SpanishProvided salary benchmarking to ensure the packages were competitiveRegularly met and liaised with hiring managers to provide recruitment updates and insights and to ensure the processes moved quicklyLeveraged our extensive network to engage with established candidate relationships and gain recommendationsOur ResultsSecured a number of integral hires across several verticals within the business within agreed time framesSeveral hires were secured within 5-7 days from the initial briefing callsAssisted the business with a cost saving exercise to in-house skills as opposed to outsourcing to a costly external agency

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  • Awaze

    Awaze is the largest managed vacation rentals and holiday resorts business in Europe, which brings together some of the continent’s most trusted travel brands. After the turbulent few years with the Covid pandemic, Awaze bounced back stronger than ever and had some pretty impressive growth targets to hit to catch up from the previous couple of years. Performance Marketing sat at the heart of this proposed growth, and as such required support over a 6 month period with three new Paid hires, one role having a requirement of fluent Dutch language skills.Business ChallengesPPC / paid search is an incredibly competitive candidate short and technical market to recruit within, and as such candidates with ‘hands on’ paid media experience are very difficult to come by with the market being so saturated with these vacancies and so little candidates available to fill them. Coupled with a slight air of reluctance to work within the Travel industry which was hit so hard throughout the pandemic, this wouldn’t be an easy, straightforward fill. Paid candidates with no secondary language skills are extremely difficult to come by, candidates that have a secondary European language such as Dutch are incredibly rare to secure.Our Approach & SolutionsWe met with the Talent Acquisition Lead to gain a deeper understanding of the roles, see the office space so we could ‘live and breathe’ Awaze’s company culture as much as possible, enabling us to really ‘sell’ the incredible culture effectively to candidatesWe capitalised on our existing networks and exclusive talent database, leveraging relationships we had already established within the Paid Media market across the North WestConsidering the North West Dutch speaking PPC market was close to non-existent, we conducted an extensive search to identify both passive and active candidates across the whole of the UK through wide-spread headhunting methodsWe advertised the roles on specific job boards and utilised LinkedIn to attract suitable candidates, reaching out to candidates who were likely to be happy and settled in their current role and so difficult to engage with, so ensured our advertising methods and direct approaches were clear, concise and really sold the Awaze proposition in at every opportunityThroughout the recruitment process, we maintained regular daily or weekly communication with the client, providing updates on our progress and sharing information about the candidates we were engaging with at every opportunityOur ResultsWe secured 3 candidates (including one Dutch speaker), all of whom were outstanding culture fits for the business, 2 of which have been in their roles for 3-6 months now and have had nothing but exceptional feedback from the Paid Media Manager, with one more starting soon.

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  • Castore

    We partnered with Castore, a high growth premium sports retailer, as they looked to bolster their digital offering. As part of our ongoing relationship, we have hired extensively across their ecommerce, trading, digital and marketing teams. Hires included the Head of Digital, PPC Manager, SEO Manger, Affiliates Manager, Paid Social Manager, Retail Marketing Manager, CRM Manager and numerous Trading Executives, International Trading Executives and CRM Executives.Our Approach & SolutionsMet with the Marketing Director and subsequently the newly appointed Head of Digital to provide team structure advice, insight into the market and salary surveysWrote the job specifications and brand pack and executed a compelling advertising campaign, which created a lot of excitement in the marketUsing the latest technology, provided real time insight into the candidate pool, shortlisted candidates, and candidate credentialsRegularly met with the hiring managers to provide recruitment updates, facilitate next stages, and ensure the relationship remained open, honest and transparentOur ResultsOn boarded all hires within the agreed time frames and at a reduced costConducted an extensive market mapping exercise to ensure we secured the best talent to help Castore realise their growth ambitionsGenerated a number of speculative candidates as a result of the dual branded campaign, many of which were also on-boarded as part of a fast tracked recruitment pipeline

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  • Eurocamp

    Eurocamp, a leading family holiday provider, were undergoing a period of rapid growth, expanding their sites from 150 to over 400 across Europe. To effectively support this expansion, they required multiple Product Marketing Executives who could quickly familiarize themselves with the content for the new holiday destinations.Business ChallengesFirst, the urgent need resulted in difficulties with notice periods as it was vital that they were able to start the role with immediate effect or as little notice period as possible. Additionally, the location of the office posed a hurdle as it was not easily accessible by public transport, requiring candidates who could drive and commute a few days per week. This presented an additional barrier for junior candidates, as many juniors do not drive.Our Approach & SolutionsComprehensive Consultation: We met with the Head of Marketing and Marketing Director to gain a deeper understanding of the roles and the calibre of talent they were seekingLeveraging Our Network: Given the time-sensitive nature of the assignment, we capitalised on our existing networks and exclusive talent database, leveraging relationships we had already establishedExtensive Local Search: Considering the office's location, we conducted an extensive search to identify both passive and active candidates in the local areaTargeted Advertising: We advertised the roles on specific job boards and utilised LinkedIn to attract suitable candidatesOngoing Communication: Throughout the search process, we maintained regular communication with the client, providing updates on our progress and sharing information about the candidates we were engaging withOur ResultsOut of the 8 candidates presented to the client, 6 were selected for a 1st stage interview after a detailed meeting to discuss each candidate's strengthsFollowing the 1st stage interview, 4 candidates progressed to the 2nd stageUltimately, 2 candidates were offered positions. One was an entry-level candidate seeking her first marketing role, while the other was a more experienced professional looking to transition into the travel industryWe successfully negotiated salaries that exceeded the candidates' expectations. In fact, the client was so pleased that they offered both candidates a complimentary holiday

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  • Incursion

    A bespoke cyber security consultancy who provide security auditing, penetration testing and tailored reporting founded by 2 former armed forces personnel who embarked on a career in cyber security. A senior member of the Forward Role team successfully placed them in their initial security positions several years ago.Fast forward to the present where they have transitioned from candidates into well-established clients, they once again sought our assistance, this time in helping them to achieve their mission of building their own successful security team. At this exciting point of growth they were on the hunt for a Business Development Manager who had a proven track record of winning new business within the cyber security world.Business ChallengesAs the founders came from a cyber/military background they weren’t sure where to begin with their search within the world of sales. They had little knowledge of the cyber sales industry and what would be attractive to sales professionals.As the company was in start-up phase the budget for the role wasn’t huge, meaning that they had a tricky brief on their hands, hoping to find the perfect candidate with strong understanding of the cyber security sales world whilst not costing them too much.​Our Approach & SolutionsConducted a database search of our entire network of cyber security sales professionals who we have connected with in the past. Reached out to see their stance on a new and exciting opportunityMet regularly with the founders to discuss exactly what it was they were looking for. This included after each interview to discover what it was that they liked about the candidate and what they didn’t to help the future searchProvided continuous feedback and market updates throughout the process to the hiring managers, working closely with them to ensure that interviews, offers and salary negotiations ran smoothlyOur ResultsWe were able to provide a fantastic candidate, with over 10 years of industry experience, from initial brief to accepted offer in just over 3 weeks.

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  • FR PRO & Regatta

    We partnered with Regatta, a privately owned outdoor clothing business, as they entered a period of digital transformation. With ambitions to ensure their online capability was generating half of overall business revenue, their digital team needed a complete overhaul and a significant number of new hires. We supported in the recruitment of over 50 new roles across E-commerce, Marketing, Digital, Technology and Design.To support Regatta on this large-scale recruitment project we:Set up a team of 10 dedicated recruiters headed up by an Account DirectorIntegrated the Regatta careers page with a Forward Role micro siteInvested in real time recruitment technology (Live List) to provide real time analytics and enhance the hiring managers recruitment experienceReleased a regional dual branded advertising campaign to attract passive and active candidates and create an inbound flow of candidatesThe detail:Hired and onboarded staff within set time frame and at a reduced costBecame an extension of the business by integrating our recruitment technology and conducting weekly sessions to analyse, discuss and streamline the recruitment processSecured a number of integral hires across the senior leadership team including - Group Digital Director, Digital General Managers, Group Head of Conversion and Analytics, Group Head of Marketplaces, and Group Product LeadWe provided a Green Talent Solution and the hires through us has resulted in 320 trees planted, 508 tonnes of nature - based carbon offsets and 1.35 tonnes of ocean - bound plastic waste captured & recycled

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  • Brillband

    An internet service provider start-up were looking to develop a product to provide a better service than the traditional providers across the UK and Europe.They use a Modern Rust tech stack and were looking to add an engineer with Rust experience to join as their first hire under a new head of software development.Business ChallengesThe main challenge presented was finding an experienced developer within a small talent pool of Rust developers across the UK who was looking to join such an early stage start-up project.Our Approach & SolutionsWe kept in constant contact with Brillband’s CEO and Head of Software throughout the process. Not only to get full understanding of the technical requirements for this role but to also delve deeper into the working culture they wanted to foster within the businessWe conducted a full search of the UK Rust market. Presenting the role to both active and passively searching candidates with both commercial and personal experience with RustWe found that due to some layoffs following the crypto market crash that there were a good number of candidates actively looking for new opportunities with relevant experience. We spoke to every candidate interested to assess their fit for this roleAfter interviewing and assessing all of these candidates from a technical and cultural standpoint we presented Brillband’s Head of Software & CEO with 4 candidates who had strong Rust experience and were excited by the project at handWe liaised with the head of software and the CEO to organise interviews. Providing both candidate and client feedback afterwards and helping Our ResultsWe were able to find Brillband a candidate that was immediately available, an excellent culture fit that had the relevant experience and able to grow with the company within 3 weeks of the initial meeting.

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  • Forest Holidays

    Partnering with the CTO, we were asked to support on an urgent requirement where they required a Business Analyst to support on a critical programme for their website.​Business ChallengesThey needed a niche skillset in a very short amount of time, and finding someone with industry experience was key to the success of the role.Our Approach & SolutionsWe met and took a detailed brief on what was required from this candidate and also worked closely with the business to educate and determine on the IR35 status for this roleKnowing the talent pool was small and they required the skillset urgently, we discussed a candidate who was known to Forward Role who we agreed would be perfect for the roleWe met with the candidate following the briefing and had an interview booked within 24 hoursOur ResultsThe candidate was interviewed, offered and accepted within 24 hours of the briefing.Both the client and candidate appreciated the speed of the search and the candidate completed the contract successfully.

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  • FR PRO & Iceland

    We collaborated with Iceland Foods, a multi-billion pound online & high street supermarket, to implement a new E-commerce team across their 2 largest Online Categories, Frozen & Chilled. We supported with 5 new hires: 2 E-commerce Managers, 2 Online Merchandisers & 1 Digital Product Manager.To support Iceland on this large-scale recruitment project we:Set up a team of 2 dedicated recruiters headed up by an Account DirectorLeveraged cutting-edge recruitment technology to successfully identify and attract top-tier candidatesMet all candidates to ensure they were the right culture fit and held the required skills and capabilitiesProduced a fully interviewed shortlist of high calibre candidatesThe detail:Hired and onboarded staff within set time frame and at a reduced costSuccessfully recruited critical personnel for 2 multi- million pound categoriesConducted extensive market analysis to ensure the benefits package on offer was competitive and advised on necessary amendmentsProvided organisation charts from similar sized businesses to help identify skill gaps and pipeline future recruitment needs

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  • Riviera Travel

    Working with the then CIO, we were asked to support on urgent requirements on a transformation programme within the business, where they required two Business Analysts with niche skillsets to work on discovery to support their future programme plans.Business ChallengesGiven the complexities of the programme, they required candidates with extensive knowledge of their subject matter of which the talent pool was small.Our Approach & SolutionsWe met and took a detailed brief of what was required and went out to market to find them the candidates required to fulfil the rolesWe spoke with both immediately available and active candidates within our networks who provided us with referralsWe worked to the pace required to onboard the candidates, and agreed timelines for CV to placementOur ResultsWe provided CV’s within 24 hours – with this being a niche urgent role, we found 3 candidates, 2 of which were offered and acceptedThe process itself was complete within 72 hours. Both candidates have received incredible feedback on post placement reviews, and we met on a 6 weekly basis with the client to ensure the milestones were being hit by the candidatesSince then, we have been a close partner on their transformation programme and have supplied multiple contractors on it, as well as supporting from a permanent basis

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  • Transpennine Express

    Working with their Head of PMO, we partnered to bolster their PMO function to support on a critical programme.The Hiring Manager wanted to see candidates who were capable of quickly integrating within the team and could rapidly add value and governance to the programme.Business ChallengesWith Rail being such a niche industry, the talent pool of candidates who had previous industry exposure is small.Our Approach & SolutionsWe met with the Hiring Manager to take a detailed brief on the programme they were required for. We made sure to get a detailed understanding of the type of skillset required, but also the type of candidate who could fit into the teamWe found an experienced candidate who we used as a benchmark against the additional hires to ensure quality with every submissionWe took detailed interview feedback and post placement reviews to understand the qualities that were making the candidates successful in the role, and to ensure they were happy with the level of support required from the agencyOur ResultWe supplied them with 3 candidates initially, all of whom were interviewed and 2 who were offered for the 2 positions required.Since then, we have worked closely with Transpennine to support other programmes in the business, and have forged strong relationships across the teams.​

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  • FR PRO & Domino's

    We partnered with Domino’s as they embarked on a period of aggressive growth to significantly transform their digital offering. Hiring across their UK & Ireland HQ in Milton Keynes and their newly acquired digital hub in Manchester, we supported in over 30 Permanent and Contract hires across Digital, Acquisition, CRM, Product, Data, Analytics & Insight and Brand.​To support Domino’s on this large-scale recruitment project we:Set up a team of 7 dedicated recruiters headed up by an Account DirectorReleased a nationwide dual b