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Forward Role ensures that it only purchases goods that are produced and delivered under conditions that do not involve the abuse or exploitation of any persons, and that such goods and services provided have the least negative impact on the environment. These considerations will be a part of the evaluation and selection criteria for all goods purchased and services provided.

The purpose of the policy is to:

  • Promote good labour and ethical standards in the supply chains of goods andservices

  • Promote and raise awareness of fair and ethical trading among employees andsuppliers

  • Be a purchaser of fair and ethically traded goods andservices

  • Meet all requirements of current legislation where applicable

Suppliers adopting this Code of Conduct (ETI Base Code) should commit to continuous
improvement towards compliance with the labour and environmental standards specified, both in
their own companies and those of their suppliers.

Labour Standards

  • Employment is freely chosen

  • Freedom of association and the right to collective bargaining are respected

  • Working conditions are safe and hygienic

  • Child Labour shall not be used

  • Living wages are paid

  • Working hours are not excessive

  • No discrimination is organisation 8 Regular employment is provided

  • No harsh or inhumane treatment is allowed

Environmental Standards

Suppliers should as a minimum comply with all statutory and other legal requirements relating to
the environmental impacts of their business. Detailed performance standards are a matter for
suppliers, but should address at least the following:

  • Waste Management and recycling Waste is minimized, materials are reused where possible, items and goods/ products made from recycled materials are produced where this is practicable

  • Pollution Air, water and land pollution are minimised

  • Conservation Processes and activities are monitored and modified as necessary to ensure conservation of scarce resources, including water, plants & animals and landforms

  • Energy Use Minimising contribution to global warming and other environment impacts of energy use, by reducing the consumption of energy and energy efficiency.

Business Behaviour

It is expected that the supplier has, or is working toward having, statements and policies on
the following topics:

  • Health & safety

  • Quality

  • Equal opportunities

  • Training & development

  • Ethical standards

  • Diversity

  • Environmental management

  • Social objectives

  • Legislative requirements

Operating principles

The implementation of this Code of Conduct for Suppliers will be a shared responsibility between
Forward Role and its suppliers, informed by a number of operating principles, which will be reviewed
from time to time.

Forward Role Agrees to:

  • Communicate its commitment to the Code of Conduct to employees as well as to all
    suppliers of goods.

  • Provide training and guidelines for relevant personnel.

  • Adopt appropriate methods and systems for monitoring and verifying the achievement of the standards.

Forward Role expects suppliers to:

  • Accept responsibility for labour and environmental conditions under which products are made in all circumstances.

  • Make a written Statement of Intent regarding the company’s policy in relation to the Code of Conduct and how it will be implemented, and communicate this to staff and suppliers as well as to Forward Role

Both parties will:
Abide by the principles of the Code of Conduct whenever possible and always when within the capabilities of the organisation.

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