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What Can Golf Teach Us?

Author: Emma Allison
Golfer And Caddie And Roland Small

If you are a big sports fan like myself, then this summer has been unbelievable so far. The US Open, Wimbledon, Tour de France and in case you hadn’t noticed there has been a global football tournament going on.

Under normal circumstances at this time of year I would be twiddling my thumbs and counting down the days, eagerly awaiting another Premier League season (even though I’m a Blackburn Rovers supporter). However not this year! After all the events so far and the World Cup just about finished, we now have The Open at Hoylake to look forward to. I personally cannot wait!

After a disastrous World Cup campaign for England, for which the highlight of England’s participation for me was the six second clip of a disappointed Roy Hodgson that went viral across all social media, we now shift our attention back to golf. The Open is one of golf’s most prestigious events and there will be a whole host of top names eager to come out victorious. Will Tiger Woods be fit? Can Justin Rose do what Phil Mickelson did last year after winning The Scottish Open? Will Martin Kaymer continue Germany’s dominance this summer? All these questions will be answered over the next few days.

But what can golf teach us? Well first of all, golf can help us develop our leadership skills. On the golf course or in the office you have to manage your emotions, accept responsibility for your mistakes and stick to your plan to achieve your goal. When you are about to hit a golf shot it can be one of the loneliest places to be; all eyes are on you, how you perform the shot and how well you can recover from it when you completely shank it (of which I know the feeling only too well). Leadership is much the same. You stand alone when making those difficult decisions but the real lesson is to trust your decision! The worst thing to happen on a golf course is indecision, not committing to the shot, doubting your ability and not having the confidence to ‘go for it’.

7 tips I’ve learned from my time on the golf course and in business are:

Grip and rip or laying up – a common golf term but both right calls at the right time, know when to ‘go big’ or when to ‘play safe’ but never compromise in the middle.

Don’t make a bad shot worse by then attempting an impossible shot - Don’t make a bad decision worse by attempting a miracle rescue. Accept the failing and move on, recovery is part of success. Everybody makes mistakes and this is what helps us to become better at what we do.

Learn from mistakes and don’t beat yourself up – What is the most important shot in golf? The next one. When you hit a bad shot, don’t mess up the next 3 while dwelling on it because ups and downs are part of leadership.

Drive for show, putt for dough - It’s the little things that matter. Keep your vision big, but focus on the little things so they don’t become a nuisance and come back to bite you.

All golfers have a ‘go to club’ - In times of need, to get their game back on track, or just to instil some confidence they will often pull this out of the bag knowing that they can rely on this to produce excellent results. Similarly, you have your go to confidants, to reassure you and help you along the way.

Develop your problem solving skills - This is an extremely valuable skill to develop in life because we are constantly faced with problems. Practising problem solving skills allows us to make the right choice more often, golf is a great way to keep those skills sharp.

Use your caddie! - Professional golfers use their caddies as ‘strategists’ or as ‘consultants’ to help them determine what club to use, how to evaluate the conditions, how hard they should hit the ball or how big a swing to take. Also to keep them focused on the task in hand and make the right decision. Not just to carry their bag!

Where do we fit in? Use Forward Role as your recruitment strategist, your ‘caddie’. Use us as your ‘go to’ agency when you need help to find that right candidate for an important role within the team or to help you find your next exciting challenge in your career. We can help you make the right decisions moving forward and help you make your next shot ‘a great shot’! The decisions you make with your job search can affect your whole career, or in terms of golf your ability to be successful. Try not to make these decisions yourself. Forward Role are here to be your ‘caddie’.

This week is especially important for Forward Role when it comes to golf as we are hosting our first annual golf day at The Worsley Marriott tomorrow. There will be a mixture of some top players attending and some far less able players who are often referred to as ‘hackers’……where do I fit in? Well I’ll let you know tomorrow afternoon! There are some great prizes on offer during the day including £5000 for a hole in one and a free golf lesson for the person who really needs it. No doubt you will all be updated on our progress throughout the day!!

All our candidates and clients who play golf who would like to be involved next year then drop us a note. We’d love to try and get you involved!

Wish me luck!

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