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First Forward Role Fantasy update of the 2016/2017 season

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First Forward Role Fantasy update of the 2016/2017 season

It’s with great excitement that the Forward Role office went into the new football season. A raft of side bets have been placed around the office and we all had our theories on who the form teams and managers would be.

We’ve had a new Forward Role record of 180 entrants this year all vying for the first prize of a meal for two at Manchester House.

Early leader thanks to the form of the likes of Ibrahimovic, Hazard and Negredo is James O’Sullivan from Leap29, with our highest female Chioma Agbada from Conception Marketing chasing hard in 2nd place.

Forward Role’s own Patrick ‘Patches’ McMahon is looking menacing in 3rd and looks like taking all the office side bets at this early stage.

We’ve had some great teams names; Chris Hardman’s ‘Pique Blinders’, George Crew’s ‘No Fuchs Given’ and Lee Hudson’s ‘Men behaving Chadli’ being our favourites. They need to give some creative advice to Ben Fretwell’s ‘Fretwell FC’ and Paul McGlone’s ‘Everton’ we think!

Last year’s winner, our MD Steve Thompson is down in 114th place, making him far less smug about his fantasy talents this season. Let’s hope he stays there!