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How to how to tell your stories through presentations

Tuesday, 18 September 2018

18:00 to 21:00

Thoughtworks, Federation House, 2 Federation St, Manchester, M4 4AH

How To Tell Your Stories Through Presentations Event Forward Role


We all know delivering presentations can sometimes feel like a living nightmare. 56% of people are terrified of public speaking, that's popular than the fear of spiders.

We don't want you lying awake at night, that's why for our September event we have organised for Buffalo 7 - experts in creating presentations that make your message stand out, to come and deliver us top tips on how to tell your stories.

They will make sure, by the end of the night you can take home actionable steps to liven up your presentations, craft a compelling story and improve your delivery.


We are pleased to welcome the following members of the Buffalo 7 team.


Chris Tomlin (Head of Storytelling) - The power of storytelling

Chris will explore the power of storytelling. Presentations full of dry data can result in the dreaded Death By Powerpoint. But when you know how to frame it into a captivating narrative, people sit up and notice. Attendees will learn how to identify their own key messages and craft them into compelling stories to engage their audience.


Hannah Tyson (Senior Designer) - Why design is important

Hannah will cover why design is important, how design helps to get messages across and how to apply simple design practice to presentations.


Liz Booth & Jasmin Isherwood (Senior Developers) - PowerPoint’s best-kept secrets

PowerPoint is one of the most-used pieces of software in the world. But how many people really know how to get the best out of this amazing tool? Attendees will learn industry secrets from the experts and discover just what Microsoft PowerPoint is capable of so that they can create their own incredible presentations.


Lyndon Nicholson (CEO) - The art of presenting

Lyndon is an expert in the art of presenting and has helped some of the world’s leading organisations present complex messages in easy to digest & recall formats. Here he will share his secrets.


We are really looking forward to it, we hope you are too!