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The three A’s to get you over a job role rejection

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The three A’s to get you over a job role rejection

“We're very sorry but on this occasion, we will be unable to progress your application any further.”

When this happens, it’s hard to hide the feelings of frustration and you may think that all of the hours of research and preparation have been wasted without an acceptance offer at the end of the process. But do not despair! The path to success is like a game of snakes and ladders – sometimes you jump ahead, and unfortunately, sometimes you slide back down to the starting position.

So before you roll again with another application, here are the three A’s you need to get over job role rejection.

1. Acceptance

Accept the rejection by graciously responding to the email, thanking the interviewer for their time and making you aware that you’ve not been successful. Politely ask for feedback and if they have any advice or thoughts on areas you could work on. Understanding the reasons why you didn’t get this job will help you in your next job interview.

A big part of the acceptance phase is knowing you’ve done everything you could, so why not also ask the interviewer to bear you in mind for future roles? It’s not uncommon for a company to reject a candidate from one job role but contact them at a later date with a new opportunity they think is much more suited to their skillset.

2. Amends

Amend your approach, using the feedback you’ve been given. If a lack of confidence is what let you down, then practice interview questions again and again with friends or family (… even the cat!) until you start to feel more sure of your answers.

Also amend your CV for each new role you apply for, making sure your most relevant experience and achievements are highlighted and at the top of the page. A tailored CV will have much more success than one generic CV used to apply for lots of different roles.

3. Accelerate!

When you’re faced with job role rejection, don’t let it get you down! Focus on your strengths, the experience you’ve gained from your unsuccessful interview and keep on accelerating forward. It’s common to feel as though every employer out there will think the same as the one who didn’t offer you the job, but everything happens for a reason and just because this role wasn’t meant to be, doesn’t mean that you won’t land the job of your dreams very soon!

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