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5 ways to boost productivity during your job search

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5 ways to boost productivity during your job search

Looking for a new job isn't an easy task and it's always harder to focus during the summer. Spending your evenings and weekends searching for a new job is much less appealing when the sun is shining. But if you're desperate to move on from your current role and you're finding it hard not to get distracted by the warm weather, here are 5 practical tips that can help boost productivity during your job search this summer.

  1. Set yourself goals

The key to being productive is to set realistic goals of what you want to achieve. How much time are you going to spend job hunting? How many applications do you want to submit in that time? Once you’ve decided, tell your partner, parent or housemate about your goals, as you’re instantly more likely to stick to them if you’ll be held accountable by someone else. If that’s not possible, try saying them out loud as a commitment to yourself for a similar effect.

  1. Turn off any distractions

Before you start, free yourself of any distractions. Putting your mobile on silent is all well and good, but if your WhatsApp has a habit of flashing up at the worst possible times, set your phone to Aeroplane Mode instead. Make sure the TV is off and if you’re going to listen to music, set this up before you start. Unlike TV, music is known to help with productivity – depending on what you listen to. Stressful music will likely interfere with your concentration, so avoid genres like heavy rock, select a calming playlist and stick to it!

  1. Keep track of what you do

It may feel like you’re adding to your workload, but jotting down all of the roles you’ve applied for, will in fact save you from wasting time during your job search. Making a few notes on the types of roles you’re applying for will stop you from submitting multiple applications, for the same role that’s being featured on different sites. Notes can also be helpful when making follow up phone calls to check on the status of your applications in a few of days’ time.

  1. Let the jobs come to you

Another way to boost productivity during your job search is to have multiple channels working for you at the same time. As well as applying for jobs you’ve seen online, update your LinkedIn profile to let hirers know that you are looking and want to be contacted with opportunities that match your experience. If you’re already in a role and don’t want your boss to become suspicious of your new connections and updated profile, keep your ‘Share With Network’ turned off.

In addition to LinkedIn, another great way to receive details of new roles is through Job Alerts. Set up your own preferences and criteria to ensure a steady stream of interesting positions are sent straight to your inbox each week.

  1. Work with a trusted agency

Finally, to help make your job search as successful as possible, be proactive in working with a trusted recruitment agency. Finding an agency that understands what you’re looking for, will help save you from time-wasting calls about roles that aren’t relevant or of interest to you.

At Forward Role we offer an exceptional service by really getting to know the people that we work with. We’re proud to have recently won four national awards for our “fantastic candidate service”, our “fully immersive market understanding” and for “displaying overall brilliance across the past twelve months”. If you would like us to support you in your job search please get in touch today, you can email or call us on 0161 914 8499 / 0203 887 0307.