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2022 Graduates: How to Score an Entry-Level Marketing Position

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2022 Graduates: How to Score an Entry-Level Marketing Position

Graduating from university and preparing to move full time into the professional world can feel intimidating enough, but it’s especially hard when the days are ticking by and you haven’t landed a job yet. 

Not only are you sitting in “limbo”, suddenly having time to yourself again, but when you’re applying for job after job with no luck… it gets disheartening. Entry-level positions in Marketing are incredibly competitive, so you need to help yourself stand out. 

A generic resume and a handful of job experience isn’t enough to tell a hiring manager or recruiter all about yourself and why you’re the right candidate for the job. You need to take a proactive part in looking in the right places, speaking to the best people, and enhancing your application for the highest chance of success.

Finding Marketing Entry-Level Positions 

Job Boards

It’s tempting to rely on the same job board on a day-to-day basis, refreshing and browsing through ideal positions every day. However, when you apply this way, you are pitching yourself against thousands of other graduates across the country, and a cross-platform approach to job searching is much more fruitful.


LinkedIn is a great place to look for jobs. Not only does it have an active job board, but there are specialist recruiters like Forward Role, that often share the latest Marketing opportunities, often before they appear on the job boards. They may have a role that is a good fit for you!

Instead of simply downloading your CV and hoping luck will find you, knowing the name and face of who is behind the hiring decision can allow you to

  • Reach out and personally express your interest in the position.

  • Mention your skills and experience.

  • Ask how you can make your application a priority.

If you’re polite and clear with your approach, the recruiter can book you in for an interview - giving you a better chance to express yourself than a one page CV that has to look good. Networking this way enhances your profile visibility and makes your application recognisable from hundreds of others.

Company Websites

Many companies have to pay job boards thousands of pounds to list an advert and receive applications. If they are reluctant to do so, they may have a “We’re Hiring!” section on their website where you can look through opportunities and apply for ones that are suitable for your skills and requirements. 

Look at your favourite brands and businesses to find a dream job that aligns with your interests.

Recruiter Websites

Another place to look for entry-level positions is on industry recruiter’s websites. If there aren’t any active ones that seem suitable, but you’re confident that they could help you find a position, try uploading your CV or reaching out via their contact form/email for help finding a job.

Your University’s Site

Many Universities will run Graduate Scheme programs designed to “put your foot in the door”. Their focus is to help people just like you land competitive jobs straight out of graduation, so looking through these might lead you to an ideal position that you wouldn’t have found otherwise. 

Choosing Entry-Level Marketing Positions

When you’ve identified a range of different jobs, you need to decide which are most suitable for you. 

Many candidates fall into the trap of only going for Marketing Assistant positions as they feel that’s where they’ll have the most success… this is not necessarily the case. Although it may seems safest to go for a job where you’ll have a wide range of responsibilities, why not specialise?

Is there an area of marketing you like more than others, such as Social Media Management or Email Marketing? 

The UK’s shortage of digital skills (Source: Gov UK) may mean that you stand more of chance in bagging a position, such as in Social Media or SEO, that drastically need filling. 

When you’re fresh out of University, you might not believe you have the right experience.

  • But what about that case study you conducted? 

  • What about the example social media posts you designed for an assignment?

Use these samples to build your portfolio and go for an entry-level position that most suits your needs.

How to Apply for Entry-Level Marketing Positions

Step 1: Personalise your CV

When you’re ready to start submitting applications, don’t use the “spray and pray” method that involves filling in as many as possible and hoping one responds. 

It’s much better to commit time to each job and personalise your CV to fit. This makes improves the quality of your submission and gives you a better chance when a recruiter reviews it. 

Edit the skills and characteristics section to suit the job you are applying for, and make sure what you are including is authentic and accurate. Check out our Top CV Tips for making your CV for more advice on making your CV stand out from the crowd.

Step 2: Write A Cover Letter

Cover letters are your chance to talk to an employer, recruiter, or hiring manager about why you are a great fit for the role they’ve posted. Try using keywords from the job description and mentioning why they apply to you. 

For example, they may have requested an “enthusiastic and passionate” candidate - you can mention that you loved what you’ve learned at University and are eager to continue growing your skills.

Remember that, in Marketing, you’ll need to be able to sell. If you can’t take a moment to persuade someone that you’re the best person for the job, then you aren’t seizing every opportunity to score an entry-level marketing position.

Step 3: Use LinkedIn to Get a Job Offer

The power of LinkedIn shouldn’t be forgotten. 

When browsing through applications, the majority of hiring managers and recruiters will want to take a look at your social media platforms, especially LinkedIn. Make sure you have an active account, plus an up-to-date overview of your experience and schooling. If you can, you could even get some endorsements from anyone who you have work experience with, they can recommend you for certain skills and experience, which can strengthen your profile and make you loom more attractive to hirers!

Reach out to recruiters directly on LinkedIn and start building up a network of people who want to help you find a job. This personal approach to applying for entry-level positions is bound to boost your application and enhance your chances of success.

Step 4: Contact Forward Role

We are marketing, digital and technology recruitment specialist who work directly with industry-leading brands around the UK in order to fill entry-level positions. 

We’re always on the lookout for University Graduates who are determined to prove themselves and strongly believe they deserve the chance to climb onto the career ladder in a relevant and interesting position that aligns with their goals. No compromising.

Send us your CV or browse our latest jobs!

Working with Forward Role

For help expanding your horizons and driving change in your industry through intelligent recruitment, contact us! At Forward Role, you’ll find genuine Marketing, Digital, and Tech experts who care passionately about delivering for their clients and candidates.

If you're a candidate, we'll treat you the way we'd like to be treated when making an important life decision like moving jobs. If you're a client you can expect exceptional delivery and communication as a matter of course.