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Top Technology Trends to Track in 2023

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Top Technology Trends to Track in 2023

How much change has your business been through in the last year? 

Lots, probably.

While things are certainly starting to settle after the chaos of the last 12 months, you still have to brace yourself.

There’s more to come.

According to experts across our industry, the approaching months are going to deliver some complex challenges alongside interesting and vast opportunities (Source: Forbes).

Therefore, your ability to stay aware of what’s going on in the market - and respond accordingly - could make all the difference to your organisation’s survival.

Are you prepared for what’s to come?

“Technology today is evolving at a rapid pace, enabling faster change and progress, causing an acceleration of the rate of change.” - Simplilearn

What’s forecasted in the technology industry?

Although many technology subsectors are celebrating the potential of market growth on the horizon, there are some concerns you have to be aware of.

It’s not all blue skies and sunshine.

The once rapid adoption of the “Internet of Things” is starting to slow down, most likely due to ongoing data breaches and malware concerns. 

Already, the trustworthiness of certain industries (such as FinTech) has been called into question and the media is creating a storm of social pressure.

We can expect, then, that in the following year, it’ll become a priority for everyone to invest in cybersecurity and support the future of the tech industry.

The ongoing technology trends from 2022

However, don’t make the mistake of believing it’s all bad news. 

There’s so much to look forward to that will take place over the next year. You’d be remiss to only focus on the negatives.

Technology trends that are already thriving, such as the following, should continue to remain strong throughout 2023:

  • Cybersecurity

  • Artificial Intelligence

  • Robot Product Automation

  • Blockchain

  • Metaverse

There’s no reason to believe that clients are going to suddenly stop their mission to become the most efficient organisation they can be. 

If you truly want to make the most of the opportunities coming your way and you work in any of these divisions, you should start preparing yourself for growth.

The rising technology trends in 2023

Excitingly, there are also some new technology trends on the horizon. Innovation is at an all-time high (Source: Forbes).

1. Quantum computing

Admittedly, the concept of quantum computing has been around for more than a few years. 

But, for the first time, its advancement is becoming a mainstream focus for researchers across the industry.

Quantum computing’s ability to support the analysis of large volumes of data will deliver businesses with a new level of potential that can’t be ignored and will be sought after by many.

2. Big data

Similarly, even though big data has been trending in the tech industry for years, the advancements that have been made throughout 2022 have created a new wave of interest.

Now, businesses all over the world can use DSaaS technologies to:

  1. Collect and process insights.

  2. Develop an in-depth understanding of their consumers.

  3. Create a high-performing sales strategy.

3. Superapps

Following these two, the surge of quantum computing and big data have both given way to the development of superapps. 

These are digital platforms that are able to manage all the aspects of a busy eCommerce store (including large traffic numbers) and have significantly reduced the reliance on third-party marketplaces like Shopify and Amazon.

This is particularly attractive for businesses who, in a post-GDPR world, are interested in keeping as much control over their sales funnel as possible.

What will these technology trends change in 2023?

For the technology industry, the combination of the above trends is bound to cause some changes. 

In the coming months, we are expecting more businesses to want internal control over their own technology.

This will significantly increase the number of competitors for qualified talent.

While this might sound like a nerve-wracking idea for leaders already struggling to find employees, it poses a great opportunity for job seekers across the industry - new and old alike.

That’s not all.

Given recent trends, we can anticipate that many businesses in the technology space will have to adapt, or at least expand, the services they offer their clients.

The employees you’ll need in 2023

“Any change can be unsettling, and keeping pace with developments even more so. Part of the challenge is knowing which are the most significant changes and which are the ones that are less likely to bear fruit.” - We Forum

Going forward, if you want to have a great year, you need to create a long-term plan that’ll allow you to embrace these new technology trends.

To succeed in 2023, you should start developing an intensive recruitment strategy that’ll allow you to reserve specialist talent for each of these fields and gain an unbeatable competitive advantage.

We can help.

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