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How Will AI Affect Marketing in the Long Term?

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How Will AI Affect Marketing in the Long Term?

Unless you’ve been living under a rock, you’ll have seen the media storm surrounding Chat-GPT. 

Despite the fact that Artificial Intelligence has been able to generate content for years, it’s only recently become mainstream to do so - affecting marketing employees across the globe. 

The Growing Role of Artificial Intelligence in Marketing

As businesses look to reduce their spending, the average £20-50 monthly fee for Artificial Intelligence software seems like an attractive alternative to hiring full-time staff members.

Rather than having to spend thousands of pounds on…

  • Salaries

  • Benefits

  • Training

  • Absences

Marketing departments have started to embrace Artificial Intelligence in order to reduce individual workloads and increase productivity – getting more bang for each buck.

Although there’s certainly still value in having a Copywriter, Graphic Designer, and Social Media Manager on the books, Artificial Intelligence can reduce turnaround times, stabilise content quality, and inspire creativity.

The Main Impacts of Artificial Intelligence on Marketing

However, this isn’t the only value that Artificial Intelligence offers to marketing teams. In the long run, we can expect a spike in Return on Investment (ROI) rates for both digital and traditional campaigns.

As Artificial Intelligence’s vast analytics enables employees to get into the mindset of each of their customers, we can start to personalise individual buying experiences in order to boost sales and deliver profitability.

Combine this insight with the ability to streamline content production and distribution and it’s very clear that the future of marketing is looking bright. Plus, rather than waiting hours (or even days) for a response, leads will be effectively funnelled in the right direction from the get-go – making them much more likely to convert.

Artificial Intelligence, therefore, is more than an asset to a marketing department… it’s a necessity for keeping up with the evolving digital world and gaining a competitive advantage. With it, teams will be able to make informed and educated decisions about the campaigns they launch, producing results that their company can be proud of. 

What’s not to love?

How to Use Artificial Intelligence to Your Marketing’s Advantage

With Artificial Intelligence promising to transform the effectiveness of a firm’s marketing in the years to come, it’s crucial that leaders don’t shy away from the opportunity in front of them.

Although it feels like you might be replacing your beloved team members with a computer, this is absolutely not going to be the case.

We predict that the most successful marketing campaigns will be the ones that are produced with Artificial Intelligence and qualified staff working together.

Step 1 – Assess the Options

Artificial Intelligence is booming in popularity (growing at a rate of 37.3% according to Grand View Research), with hundreds of software services now available on the market.

Before you start buying subscriptions, you need to take the time to look at the options available and decide which can further your goals. To do so:

  1. Evaluate the strengths and weaknesses of your team.

  2. Identify areas of improvement.

  3. Look for Artificial Intelligence that can fill this “gap”.

This way, you can make a decision that is going to support your employees, not throw them under the bus. As long as they feel that Artificial Intelligence is going to improve their day-to-day work life, the onboarding process should be easy.

​Step 2 – Onboard Artificial Intelligence

Even if the majority of your marketing team is digitally-proficient, you need to take things slowly when introducing change to your organisation.

Moving too fast could cause a riot, with individuals unwilling to embrace a new way of working. To avoid this…

  1. Communicate with your team.

  2. Explain the reasons behind your decision.

  3. Make it clear that you aren’t looking to replace anyone.

  4. Emphasise that you want to make their jobs easier and more fulfilling.

  5. Embrace feedback and listen to any concerns.

  6. Find a solution that works for everybody.

If you want to be using Artificial Intelligence to your advantage in the long term, this is a process that’s worth investing in.

Remember, we’ve all been through thick and thin over the last couple of years and stress levels are at an all-time high (Source: Forbes). You need to avoid placing further pressure on your employees.

Step 3 – Train Your Staff

When your team is ready to adopt Artificial Intelligence, it’s crucial that you provide training. Your staff can’t just learn to use the program on a basic level, they need to understand how to use it effectively.

While it might be tempting for an employee to get Chat-GPT to write a social media post, they shouldn’t simply copy and paste the results to LinkedIn. The copy produced should be adjusted to your brand’s tone of voice and hashtags should be checked against your current strategy.

Artificial Intelligence is a tool in your arsenal, not the mechanic. The advice it provides and the content it creates are unlikely to be perfect from the very start. Your employees need to be aware of this so they can do right by your business.

Step 4 – Recruit

The easiest way to encourage marketing staff to proactively use Artificial Intelligence is to onboard specific specialists. In particular, you could benefit from either Data Scientists or Business Analysts. The people in these roles will act as champions for your marketing department’s digital evolution, answering questions that arise and guiding your company into the future.

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