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Forward Role’s Marketing & Digital Salary Guide (London)

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Forward Role’s Marketing & Digital Salary Guide (London)

As the UK’s biggest and most active city, working and living in London has its perks.

There are over 2.7 million businesses based in London, meaning there are a range of rewarding career opportunities for the right individual (Source: HIT Horizons).

What’s it Like Working in London?

Whether you find yourself in the suburbs or directly in the centre, there’s a surplus of entertainment and restaurants a short journey away. 

With a reputation almost as big as its population (which is sitting at 8.9 million in 2023), employees from all around the world are eager to work there.

How Does London’s Cost of Living Affect Marketing & Digital Employers?

Now, more than ever, it is crucial that employers pay attention to average costs in the area and pay their staff members accordingly.

To support you in…

  • retaining your staff for the long-term

  • offering competitive remuneration to skilled individuals

  • recruiting successfully across the board

Forward Role’s Marketing & Digital Salary Guide lays out average rates in the area. We gathered salary information from a range of professionals, giving you a clear idea of what you need to be paying your team in the year ahead.

Forward Role’s Marketing & Digital Salary Guide [KEY TAKEAWAYS]

In 2023, London’s digital and marketing specialists are earning within the range of £28,000 and £150,000.

This is broken down into…

  • CRM = £28,852 - £150,158

  • Email Marketing = £28,852 - £150,158

  • Marketing Automation = £28,852 - £150,158

  • Paid Search = £33,264 - £124,264

  • Paid Media = £35,264 - £130,127

  • Paid Social = £29,264 - £115,078

  • Performance Marketing = £35,395 - £129,435

  • Digital Acquisition = £35,264 - £121,546

  • Display Marketing = £29,264 - £100,116

  • Programmatic = £28,264 - £101,415

  • Ad Ops = £28,288 - £101,058

  • Affiliate = £32,288 - £100,078

  • Digital Marketing = £35,288 - £149,322

Each individual’s earning potential is significantly influenced by the seniority of their role, their unique level of experience, and the size of the skill shortage for that position.

By setting your marketing and digital salaries on a level that is in line with (or above) your competitors and being transparent about it, you’ll be positioning yourself for successful recruitment efforts in the years to come.

For more information on setting accurate full-time rates for specialist employees, download Forward Role’s Marketing & Digital Salary Guide (London). We’ve broken down the average rate for each job title, ensuring you can pay your team sustainably. 

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