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5 Marketing Employees Your Business Needs in 2024

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5 Marketing Employees Your Business Needs in 2024

When was the last time you expanded your Marketing team? 

If it was a while ago, you might be missing out on a heap of key opportunities. 

After all, thanks to the growing scope of technology, your team’s ability to reach target audiences is more significant than ever before. 

Rather than only being limited to a local audience, they can operate globally - selling products and services through websites, digital marketplaces and social media platforms alike.

However, although these new capabilities promise enormous and opportunistic advantages to each member of your marketing team, there’s a downside. Technology is changing the necessary skills within organisations and changing the shape of job roles forever.

The changing jobs of marketing employees

Every day, marketing employees must learn something new in order to keep up with the evolving digital environment. 

Whether they spend hours researching an update to an algorithm that is adjusted a week later, or they desperately try to wrap their head around the latest legal legislation for data protection, these changes can quickly become overwhelming, causing creative burnout across the industry (Source: Campaign Monitor).

Even people that have been working in this field for years - and have developed high levels of stress management - are starting to feel a little out of their league. 

Ultimately, roles look nothing like they did five years ago. 

Despite your team’s best efforts, it’s likely they could benefit from a little more support - whether it’s through more manpower, or a specialist that can provide advice in a specific field.

(Source: Everest Group)

The top 5 marketing employees to recruit in 2024

For you to maintain employee wellbeing and continue driving business growth in 2023, there’s some work to be done.

You need to spend some time identifying the gaps forming in your workforce and onboard specialist, digital-savvy talent that can support your existing marketing department and carry you through the next year.

1. Digital Analyst

First and foremost, to enable your team to generate the maximum possible return on investment, you need to introduce a digital analyst - whose role will be to inform decision-making. 

Their purpose will be to use all the tools available to compile customer insights and identify how best to serve customers or clients. This way, there’ll be less wastage and higher conversion rates.

2. Content Director

The last year has proven that customers connect more with personal brands than corporate ones. 

To capitalise on this, your business needs to be producing content on a consistent basis - which is where a Content Director comes in. They’ll be able to oversee the strategy behind the posts that go on social media, articles you write, and any PR that you engage in.

3. Social Media Manager

We’ve said it before and we’ll say it again - social media is a full-time job. It takes hours to create engaging copy, complementary graphics, conduct multi-channel analysis and advise on a strategy based on various campaigns. 

If you want your customers or clients to have a smooth buying journey where their queries are quickly answered, you need a Social Media Manager who can focus on engaging with your audience.

4. Copywriter

With your goal to capture and convert leads, having a qualified copywriter create your website and social media copy will grant you a massive competitive advantage. 

They’ll also be able to help with email campaigns, PPC ads, and more.

5. PPC Specialist

As Google waves goodbye to cookies and GDPR gets ever tighter, your marketing team might struggle to accurately target adverts. 

That’s where a PPC specialist can save the day.

Working in tandem with a digital analyst, they can track customer behaviour and identify what bids need to be made to reach your target audience.

The most popular marketing skills 2024

Have you noticed a commonality between all these roles?

They all require strong technical proficiency - but there’s also more that links them together. 

They’ll each need a strong understanding of the customer journey and be committed to creating the best one possible. Their attention to detail will sway the success of your marketing, so choose wisely during your recruitment process. 

You need to look for creative talent that is eager to contribute toward the future of your business.

Forward Role’s predictions for the marketing sector

Technology is changing every day. AI is on the rise.

As software cuts the amount of admin your marketing team has to complete, it frees them up to build steadfast relationships with your audience. However, to do so, they first need to reach the right individuals.

In 2023, we predict that zero-party data is going to become crucial to your firm’s ability to perform, delivering qualified leads that are highly likely to convert. Your ability to analyse the data available to you and create actionable insights out of them will set you apart from the competition.

“Smarter use of data helps marketers respond faster – and better – to business challenges.” - Zembula

Therefore, your goals for the remainder of this year should be to onboard employees that’ll support your chances of being a primarily data-driven organisation.

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