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This is how many jobs you need to have before you find ‘the one’

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This is how many jobs you need to have before you find ‘the one’

Worried you don’t love your job? A study by Indeed found that it takes the average person eight jobs, before they find the one that gives them ultimate job satisfaction.

The survey, which was completed by 1,500 employees, showed that on average job satisfaction doesn’t happen until the age of 45, having been through four major career setbacks. Of those knock-backs, almost half the participants reported being rejected following an interview, falling out with their boss (42%) and being made redundant (39%).

Forward Role’s Managing Director Brian commented: “Working through eight different jobs before you find the one that gives you complete satisfaction might sound like a lot, but the experiences that you’ll gain from each role will ultimately give you a clearer idea of what you want from your next opportunity.

“When thinking about a new job, factors such as salary and seniority are a given, but to find ultimate job satisfaction there are so many other things that need to be considered. Finding out about a company’s values, CSR goals and views on things like flexible working are key in deciding whether a company will be the right fit.”

The generational difference when defining job satisfaction was another interesting topic within the report. Generation Z (those born after 1995) for example, appeared to be more concerned with social conscience than receiving a large salary. 83% said they would feel satisfied working for a company that was committed to ‘doing good’, compared with only 34% who felt that job success and satisfaction meant having a larger salary than their friends. This was not the case with the millennial participants (anyone born between 1981 and 1994), as almost half viewed salary as their top way to measure job satisfaction.

“This study mirrors what we hear every day” Brian continues, “that there’s never just one factor to consider when it comes to being truly happy in your job. If you’re currently thinking about making a career move, take the time to consider what’s really important to you and then make sure that your outlook is aligned with any potential future employers.”

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